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“Students with account holds need to be notified about them in real time to stop them from placing orders.”


“Our transcripts need to be securely produced and delivered nights and weekends.”


“We need an integrated solution that requires very little intervention, so we can free up staff resources.”


“We want to simplify and increase the adoption of electronic transcript delivery to save time and money.”


“I want to automate and offload our print fulfillment to someone I trust.”

FASTEST: Full Integration of Transcript Service

Realize These Benefits from FASTEST

Our top-speed solution offers hands-off processing and near real-time electronic delivery.

  • Ability to offer Next Generation Transcript Experience ordering, up to 50% faster than existing ordering solutions
  • Full integration with your SIS, including free cloud-based integration via our NextGen API solution
  • Automates every processing step
  • Identifies the student in real-time during the ordering process
  • Notifies students of holds/restrictions in real-time during the ordering process
  • Supports attachment processing when uploaded by the students (if allowed by the institution) or your institution’s administrative staff
  • Future processing of requests can be performed with little or no staff intervention
  • Touch-free electronic delivery in 15 minutes or less
  • Automatic printing of paper transcripts
  • Reduces 90-95% of workload for staff, freeing them for other tasks
  • Savings in paper, postage, and personnel costs
  • Third-Party Ordering for Admissions available
  • Third-Party Ordering for Registrars available
  • Add our secure and automated print fulfillment service, NSC SecurePrint℠

Plus, all the benefits of our FAST and FASTER solutions and more.

How FASTEST Benefits Your Students

Offer your students the greatest time savings with near real-time processing and delivery.

  • Electronic transcript delivery in 15 minutes or less¹
  • Fulfillment and delivery after office hours and on holidays
  • More staff resources available to students for non-transcript issues
  • Immediate fulfillment of transcript requirements for jobs and grad school
  • Instant notification of holds and how to clear them
  • Most secure print-to-mail fulfillment available, if you add NSC SecurePrint℠

Plus, all the benefits of our FAST and FASTER solutions

¹If there are no restrictions on the student’s record.

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Look at the incredible results you can get from our FASTEST solution

Did you know?

You can generate additional revenue by adding an institutional surcharge to the transcript fee paid by requestors. Some institutions earn thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars each month, providing a steady income stream that stretches limited budget resources.

Options for Your FASTEST Service

  • Processing after grades posted and/or degree is awarded
  • Delivery: mail, FedEx, or pick up
  • Electronic delivery (optional)
  • Allow additional documents to be sent with the transcript (LSAC, AMCAS or Liaison CAS admissions form)
  • Single sign-on available
  • No FERPA consent forms²


Read more about the features of our Transcript Services.

²Based on your institution’s interpretation of FERPA requirements.

FASTEST: Implementation Made Easy

Fast, secure online ordering provides your students with convenience and peace of mind.

  • Your required effort (guided by your Clearinghouse implementation rep)
  •  IT/SIS resources for connections/configurations
  • If you choose our cloud-based NextGen API solution, implementation is even more turnkey with a pre-built cloud user interface and API connections (that means much less IT time!)

Implementation Time:

~45 days

Name your SIS, FASTEST works!

The Clearinghouse will integrate with any SIS!

The Clearinghouse is Ellucian’s strategic partner for transcript order integration and is enabled by default in Ellucian software. We have completed hundreds of successful integrations across Ellucian’s three administrative systems: Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus® by Ellucian. The Clearinghouse is the leading integrator for eTranscripts! In addition to Ellucian, we have fully integrated our transcript solution with a wide range of SIS systems, including PeopleSoft, SAP, and even homegrown systems. Additionally, our cloud-based NextGen API solution is available for all SIS systems, including homegrown systems.

And we offer 100 percent dedicated and personalized training, service, and support.


How Much Can FASTEST Save You? Find Out Now!

With FASTEST you get it all, including incredible time and money savings, see for yourself with our savings calculator!

The print-to-mail solution that puts security first and gives you time back!

Find out how our clients did it

“It doesn’t matter if it’s one transcript ordered or 100. Every transcript flows through exactly the same.”

− Robert F. Fitzgerald, University Registrar, Brown University

“We have been able to pull in new staff members and have them running the processes with little training due to the simplicity of the Clearinghouse services. We also hear from students that they appreciate the opportunity to order transcripts 24/7, since office hours do not work for all students. Our use of the transcript services from the National Student Clearinghouse has been a game-changer for Auburn and our transcript processing.”

− Jeff Amey, Esq., Associate Registrar, Auburn University

“We’re saving about 90 minutes a day using eTranscripts … spread over the course of a week or two, that’s a lot of other work you can get done.”

− Kerri Koteskey, Registrar (retired)

“It’s a great service. Simple to remember, simple to complete the order online, and easy for your students to use and track.”

− Connie Garrick, Director of Records and Enrollment Services/Registrar

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