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What does it cost to participate?

It’s FREE. There is no cost to your institution to participate in Transcript Ordering, NSC SecurePrint℠, and real-time integration. If your institution participates in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and uses Ellucian’s Banner®, Colleague®, or PowerCampus™ system, you can also take advantage of our “touch-free,” no cost electronic transcript processing and delivery solution, Ellucian eTranscripts. We also offer free integration with your SIS, including via our cloud-based NextGen API solution. Certain Transcript Ordering options have minimal fees associated with them. Your school can generate revenue by applying an additional surcharge to each transcript order. A summary of all historical transactions and the financial details associated with each order is available in real-time on our secure Web site.

See our fee schedule.

How do the three levels of service compare?
Visit our service comparison grid to choose the solution that best fits your needs now and upgrade when you are ready.
How can we generate revenue?

You determine the cost for your students and alumni to send transcripts electronically or via any other method, providing a potential new source of revenue for your office. See how Auburn University did it.

Do we have to sign a long-term contract with the Clearinghouse?
No, unlike other transcript providers, the Clearinghouse requires no “locked in” contractual obligation.
We already have an online ordering system, why should use Transcript Ordering?
Transcript Ordering℠ — which is used in all our FAST, FASTER and FASTEST solutions — is continually enhanced, most recently with our new address validation process. The Clearinghouse is committed to meeting the needs of our partner institutions and their students. As your needs evolve, our service will grow to meet them. Additionally, our ordering platform can supplement your system by providing online ordering access to your former students, who cannot access your school’s secure portal.
Is reporting available?
Yes. You can generate colorful, presentation quality reports at any time. Our reports provide real-time information on how your students and alumni are using Transcript Ordering. With our reports, you can instantly examine your institution’s year-by-year transcript usage, identify peak demand periods, and compare monthly volume. Both summary and detailed reports are available.
Are there any programming requirements?

FAST: There are absolutely NO programming requirements. If you offer electronic delivery through Transcript Ordering, you must be able to produce PDFs of your transcripts. FASTER: Programming is required by your school to consume a transcript request in a CSV format , as well as producing the transcript and sending a response file back to the Clearinghouse. FASTEST: This fully integrated solution requires software setup and configuration. The software is FREE, you will work with a dedicated implementation person. Cloud-based integration is available via our NextGen API solution.

Is SIS integration available?

Yes, through our FASTEST solution. If your institution participates in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and uses Ellucian’s Banner®, Colleague®, or PowerCampus™ system, you can take advantage of our “touch-free,” no cost electronic transcript processing and delivery solution, Ellucian eTranscripts. In addition, the Clearinghouse offers a fully integrated solution for a wide range of SIS systems, including PeopleSoft, SAP, and even homegrown systems. Our cloud-based NextGen API solution is also available for all SIS systems, including homegrown systems.

Do Clearinghouse Transcript Services comply with FERPA?
Yes. Like all Clearinghouse programs, Transcript Services facilitate compliance with FERPA, The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws. We also respect all participating institutions’ policies governing the release of student data to third parties.
Does the Clearinghouse retain copies of transcripts?
Does the Clearinghouse support digitally signed transcript PDFs?
Yes. We digitally sign transcript PDFs on behalf of schools as well as accept and deliver digitally signed transcript PDFs from schools.
Can we digitally sign our transcripts?

Yes. The Clearinghouse uses Adobe® LiveCycle® to provide state-of-the-art document security. You can digitally sign your transcripts.

Can we control our documents after delivery?
Yes. You can apply rights management (also known as document controls) to your transcripts that allow you to manage access and usage after your transcripts are delivered (e.g., printing, offline access, document revocation, and more). You can also add a watermark (e.g., your school seal) and your registrar’s signature to every transcript.
Will the transcript be on our official transcript paper?
Institutions will continue to print and send official transcripts on their school‐specific security paper. If you opt to add our secure and automated print fulfillment service, NSC SecurePrint℠, your transcripts, custom cover letter, and any attachments will be printed on highly secure paper and mailed in a tamper‐evident envelope.
Can students attach documents to their transcripts?
Yes, students can attach documents to their transcript request. The type and number of attachments are determined by the school during the activation process.
Who do my students contact if they have a problem?
Unlike other providers, the Clearinghouse maintains a fully staffed customer service team available to student users and it is committed to providing superior customer solution support. Many other transcript service providers have no such service and instead require users to submit a ticket online or contact the campus.

The Next Generation Transcript Experience

What is the Next Generation Transcript Experience?

It is the National Student Clearinghouse’s new mobile-responsive transcript ordering solution, which makes ordering transcripts up to 50% faster than existing solutions.

Is the Next Generation Transcript Experience available on all Clearinghouse transcript services?

Yes. It is the standard ordering front-end for our FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST solutions.

What mobile devices can it be used on?

All of them! The Next Generation Transcript Experience’s responsive design works seamlessly across all mobile devices.

What is Transcript Order Status?

It is a separate module designed to make tracking the status of a placed order easy and quick. It is accessible via the requestor’s order confirmation email, the Clearinghouse website, and the institution’s Transcript Services welcome page. The institution can also opt to place a link to it on its website.

Third-Party Ordering for Admissions

What is Third-Party Ordering for Admissions?

Third-Party Ordering for Admissions is a service that enables admissions officers, who have a signed student consent meeting the FERPA consent requirements, to log onto the Clearinghouse secure site to order transcripts for their institution’s admitted students and applicants. In addition to placing orders, users can log on to retrieve the transcripts, check order status, view a list of completed orders, and/or pay invoices.

What delivery options are available?
  • Electronic transcripts are securely delivered to the admissions office via the Clearinghouse’s secure exchange network, ETX Plus, where they can be quickly and easily downloaded.

    Admissions offices that want to participate can sign up to receive electronic transcripts via the Clearinghouse’s secure exchange network, ETX Plus. (If they already use our Electronic Transcript Exchange network, they can be migrated to ETX Plus.)

  • Printed transcripts are sent to the address designated by the admissions office by the sending institution or our print fulfillment service, SecurePrint℠ (if the sender participates). Delivery options can vary by sending institution.
Is student consent required when ordering transcripts?

Yes. All orders placed require a signed student consent meeting the FERPA consent requirements, although the consent form does not need to be uploaded during the request. However, when placing the order, the user must verify that signed student consent has been received. Consent forms will be requested by the Clearinghouse for auditing purposes or in case an institution ever needs to see it.

What happens if there’s a hold on the transcript?

When requesting a transcript via Third-Party Ordering for Admissions, users have the option to enter the student’s email address. If the student has a hold on his or her transcript at the sending institution and the student’s email address has been provided, an email notification regarding the hold will be sent to the student.

How much does it cost?
A $10 processing fee is charged per order placed via Third-Party Ordering for Admissions, plus any delivery fees and any fee charged by the sending institution. Institutions with an active Transcript Ordering account* receive a 50% discount and pay only a $5 processing fee per order, along with any sending institution fees.

Participating Third-Party Ordering for Admissions institutions are billed monthly and can access and pay invoices online by credit card via our secure site. If preferred, credit card information can be saved to enable automatic payment. Email notifications will be sent whenever an invoice is ready, past due, or has been paid.

*If your registrar’s office is active with our Transcript Ordering service, it must allow Third Party Ordering for Admissions and/or Educational Organizations to enable your admissions office to participate in the service.

Third-Party Ordering for Registrars

What is Third-Party Ordering for Registrars?

Third-Party Ordering for Registrars is a service that enables registrars at participating Transcript Ordering institutions to log onto the Clearinghouse secure site to order transcripts for students at their institution for whom they have the student’s signed FERPA consent.

What delivery options are available?

You can choose any delivery method your school offers to your students and alumni on the public ordering site. 

Can the transcript be sent to someone who is not the student?

Yes, the transcript can be sent to anyone the student wants to receive it.

Does a student-signed FERPA consent need to be uploaded during ordering?

While a FERPA-compliant consent form is required to order the transcript on behalf of the student, you do not need to upload it when placing the order. Additionally, your school must maintain the signed consent and provide it to the Clearinghouse, if requested.

What fees are charged for Third-Party Ordering for Registrars orders?
Your school will be charged any fees that are due to the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse processing fee will be applied per recipient along with the Clearinghouse delivery fee (e.g., NSC SecurePrint shipping and handling), if applicable.
Is there a fee to sign up or a monthly/annual cost to participate in Third-Party Ordering for Registrars?

No, there are no additional charges beyond those for the individual order(s).

How does our institution pay for Third-Party Ordering for Registrars orders?

Any fees due to the Clearinghouse will be taken out of your school’s monthly remittance. If your school does not receive a monthly remittance or you pay for Clearinghouse fees on behalf of your students, the fees will be included in your monthly invoice.


What are the benefits of using the FASTEST solution?
FASTEST offers full integration with your SIS and helps you:

  • Reduce workload in the registrar’s office
  • Deliver high quality services to students and alumni
  • Decrease administrative costs by automating processes
  • Simplify electronic transcript delivery adoption
What is the cost of the FASTEST integrated solution offering to an institution?
As with all Clearinghouse transcript solutions, there is no additional cost to your school OR students if you choose our FASTEST solution.
What is Ellucian eTranscripts?
Ellucian eTranscripts is a unified interface that automates the transcript ordering process between Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and any of Ellucian’s three administrative systems (Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus™ by Ellucian) in order to facilitate a “no touch” approach to fulfilling transcript requests.
What is the relationship between the Clearinghouse and Ellucian?
Ellucian Strategic Partner logoThe Clearinghouse and Ellucian have formed a strategic alliance to enable real-time electronic authentication, production, and transfer of transcripts between the Clearinghouse and Ellucian’s administrative systems: Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus™ by Ellucian.
Why did Ellucian select the Clearinghouse as its Strategic Partner?
  • We have more Ellucian customers than other transcript ordering provider.
  • As a nonprofit, the Clearinghouse actively seeks ways to provide the higher education community with cost-saving services, many of which are available to institutions for free.
  • Although devoting significant resources to this project, the Clearinghouse does not answer to investors, instead:
    • We are focused on the long-term success of schools and their students.
    • We have a long-term commitment to the entire higher education community.
    • Our goal is to provide the most robust automated transcript solution, not turn a profit.
How is this different from other transcript ordering providers?
All other transcript ordering providers are only Community Partners of Ellucian. This difference drives many of the advantages of our strategic alliance:

  • The Clearinghouse co-developed eTranscripts with Ellucian so it integrates seamlessly with our Transcript Ordering service and “works out of the box.” All configurations are defaulted to Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering, including those in your administrative system, cloud-based input and output traffic, and security settings. Other transcript ordering providers must perform their own configuration settings.
  • Our strategic alliance guarantees that eTranscripts will function as upgrades and future enhancements are incorporated because upgrades and enhancements are co-designed and tested.
  • The Clearinghouse engages with Ellucian in future proofing, in anticipation of unfolding developments in the academic credential service area.
  • The Clearinghouse has significant influence on the Ellucian product road map. For example, the future development of an automated articulation process may incorporate the XML transcript data produced as part of our solution. All changes to the product roadmap for Ellucian include the integrated Clearinghouse solution.
  • Ellucian developed the API exclusively for the Clearinghouse. Other transcript ordering providers can access the standard APIs. However, they must modify their ordering platforms to exchange transcript data based on the design developed and tested by the Clearinghouse and Ellucian.
Is eTranscripts available for Banner, Colleague, and PowerCampus?
Yes, Ellucian eTranscripts is available for all Ellucian administrative systems. Your institution must be on the current version of the administrative system prior to implementation.
What are the Ellucian eTranscripts solution requirements?
Ellucian eTranscripts is delivered in a release of your Ellucian administrative system. You must have a supported version of the Ellucian solution (as shown below) and be active with Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering. Additional software is not required. For best results, and to get all of upgraded features, you should download the most current version available.

Banner Ellucian eTranscript is delivered in Banner 8.6.2. Banner 8.6.2 is installed on Banner General and Student 8.6. Database Extension Utility (DBEU) must be applied. 8.6.1 is NOT required.
Colleague Release R18 is required. Ellucian eTranscript is delivered as a software update and as WebAPI 1.3.
PowerCampus Ellucian eTranscript is delivered in PowerCampus 8.5.

NSC SecurePrint℠

What is NSC SecurePrint℠?
NSC SecurePrint℠ is the industry’s ONLY transcript print fulfillment service using a FISMA¹-certified and SOC 2²-compliant high security facility to process, print, and mail transcripts. Your students’ information is safeguarded using world class information security standards, printed on highly secure paper embedded with multiple security features, and delivered in tamper-evident envelopes to prevent fraud.

Our service handles all facets involved in printing and mailing transcripts, including address validation, eliminating the time-consuming burden of fulfilling hard copy transcript requests for your office. NSC SecurePrint℠ integrates easily with each of our FAST, FASTER and FASTEST transcript solutions to provide an unbeatable combination of security and end-to-end automation that scales to meet the needs of all size enrollments.

¹Federal Information Security Management Act. U.S. legislation that provides a comprehensive framework for protecting government information, operations, and assets.
²Service Organization Control 2. Organizational controls for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

What are the security features?
  • Transcript PDF files are transmitted via the Clearinghouse secure network.
  • Production is performed in a FISMA¹-certified and SOC 2²-compliant high secure facility.
  • Transcript is printed on highly secure paper embedded with multiple security features
  • Transcript and all enclosures are sent in tamper-evident envelopes
  • NSC SecurePrint℠, like all other Clearinghouse services, is designed to facilitate an institution’s compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws.

¹Federal Information Security Management Act. U.S. legislation that provides a comprehensive framework for protecting government information, operations, and assets.
²Service Organization Control 2. Organizational controls for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

What are the configuration options?
Your transcripts and cover letters are branded and customized so they have the same look and feel as if they came directly from your office.

Other options include:

  • Color or black & white printing available
  • Customizable cover letter
  • Your legend/grading policy can appear on the back of every transcript page, if desired
  • Approved student attachments can be included
How does it work?
  1. Requestor orders paper transcript via your online Transcript Ordering page (FAST, FASTER or FASTEST) and uploads attachments, if any, to be sent with it.
  2. You upload the transcript PDF, and any approved attachments to be enclosed with it, to the Clearinghouse via our secure site.
  3. The Clearinghouse applies your branding and creates the print-ready file, including the cover letter, transcript legend (if you opt to provide one), and attachments.
  4. The file is printed on secure paper; then inserted, and sealed in a tamper-evident envelope.
    • NSC SecurePrint’s intelligent barcoding process ensures that:
      • Correct documents are always matched to the correct recipient.
      • Each transcript page and all attachments are accounted for throughout our process.
  5. Postage is applied, address validated, and transcript package sent.
  6. Requestors are notified when the transcript is sent.
How long does it take to implement?
If you already participate in one our FAST, FASTER and FASTEST transcript solutions, NSC SecurePrint℠ can be quickly added to your existing service (or included with your overall solution implementation, if you are a new Transcript Services participant). Testing and validation of your printed transcripts can be completed in as little as two weeks. You must be able to produce transcript PDFs to participate in NSC SecurePrint℠.
What does it cost?
There is no cost to your institution to participate in NSC SecurePrint℠.
How do I sign up for NSC SecurePrint℠?

If you’re ready to get started on NSC SecurePrint℠, contact your regional director.

Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX)

What is Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX)?

ETX is a highly secure transcript exchange service that allows your school or organization to automatically send/receive transcript files (EDI, XML, and PDF) via secure file transfer protocols (sFTP).

Is any programming required to use ETX?

No programming is required for ETX. ETX leverages secure file transfer protocols (sFTP). Our ETX Support team will assist you in the simple set up to establish your ETX account and provide any supporting user documentation.

Does ETX meet industry and national standards?

Yes, ETX meets industry and national standards for secure file exchange. Learn more about secure file exchange.

Is ETX secure?

Yes, ETX is secure. Authorized senders and recipients are validated before a transcript is exchanged. In addition, the Clearinghouse uses the highest industry security standards for all its services. We also take active defensive measures that limit the risk of lost or stolen data. Learn more about secure file transfer protocols.

What file formats are supported on ETX?

ETX supports all file formats, including:

  • All system or statewide standard data record formats (EDI, XML)
  • All graphical formats that look like your paper-based transcripts
How do senders confirm the transcript was received by the Clearinghouse?

ETX will send a confirmation email once the sent transcript is received at the Clearinghouse. In addition, sending institutions/organizations can log on to their secure ETX account to view the status of any transcript file uploaded to ETX.

What do we do if we sent a transcript to the wrong ETX account?

Contact your Clearinghouse Client Success Manager as soon as possible. If the ETX recipient has not retrieved the transcript, we can recall it for you.

Can a transcript be retrieved more than once? What if it is not retrieved?

Yes, a transcript can be downloaded an unlimited number of times by the recipient. The recipient can also delete the file at any time. Files are permanently deleted after 90 days, whether they have been downloaded or not. A copy of each file is also stored in the recipient’s archive folder, where it is permanently deleted after 180 days.

Does the Clearinghouse keep copies of transcript files?

No, the Clearinghouse does not keep copies of transcript files. Transcript files are only stored in the recipient’s secure ETX account. Transcript files are automatically deleted from the ETX account after 180 days.

Can receiving schools import transcript data into their student information system?

Yes, if the student information system (SIS) provides functionality to automatically upload transcript data. The ETX service allows senders to provide transcript files in multiple formats, such as PESC TS130 (EDI) or PESC XML, to provide flexibility and compatibility with the recipients’ upload requirements.

Does ETX comply with FERPA?

Yes. The Clearinghouse does not open transcript files or retain any transcript files outside of the recipient’s ETX account. All Clearinghouse services are designed to facilitate an institution’s compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws.

Can ETX help me provide improved service to students?

Yes, because ETX enables near real-time delivery of student transcripts that can be securely accessed by other educational institutions or organizations. With ETX, you can guarantee on-time delivery and eliminate the time delay and potential loss of transcripts sent via a postal service.

How much does it cost to participate in ETX?

There is no charge to send or receive transcripts via ETX.

I want to speed up my transcripts. Let's get started!