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Transcript Ordering Spring 2019 Release Notes

Mar 29, 2019 | Transcript Ordering

The National Student Clearinghouse is pleased to present the Transcript Ordering Spring 2019 release, which provides the following significant user experience improvements.

Tennessee $0 Program

This feature applies only to Tennessee schools that participate in the program where the sending school pays for the student’s transcript if the student is going to another two- or four-year Tennessee institution. This functionality enables Tennessee schools that participate in this program to transition from our legacy ordering platform to our new ordering site.

Processing Option Text

To help alleviate student confusion regarding processing options, we added instructional text to the three main options:

  • Current Transcript
  • After Grades
  • After Degree

In addition, the default setting, Current Transcript, has been removed requiring the student to select an option for the question, “Which transcript do you want sent?” We anticipate that this will decrease both the number of students calling to ask what the processing options mean as well as the orders school users have to cancel because the wrong option was selected. 

If your school does not use all three processing options, the student will continue to be offered only the options you currently use.

PDF Transcript Download Center Text Change

For PDF transcripts delivered and retrieved from the Download Center, the word “Password” has been changed to “Access Code” in the retrieval emails and on the Download Center page. We expect this change to minimize the password emails that are blocked for certain recipients, such as government organizations.

This change only applies to electronic PDF delivery outside of the network, not for Electronic Exchange transcripts.

Additional Liaison Centralized Application Services (CAS)

Eight additional Centralized Application Services (CAS) have been added to the recipient list under the “Education Organization, Admissions Services and Scholarships” section. Adding the additional CASs eliminates the need for students to send the additional form with their transcript and gets the transcripts to the recipient admission service quicker. The full list of Liaison CAS receivers can be found here.

Other Enhancements

– Canadian Country Code Sent to Ellucian and Generic API Schools

We will now send the code for Canada, like we do for other international recipient addresses, for Ellucian eTranscripts or Generic API orders for which the recipient address country is Canada. This will resolve errors occurring in the Ellucian SIS for Canadian mail orders.

– School Secure Site Transcript Service Tab Error Fix

This fix enables school users to access the Transcript Services administrative tab on our school secure site to update their Welcome Page text without receiving errors, such as ADF Faces.

– SSN Display as Entered on Ordering Site

Whenever a requestor entered their Social Security number, the SSN field was populated with additional dashes. The SSN will now display to the requestor as they entered it, with or without dashes, masked in the field.

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.