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Transcript Ordering November 2019 Release Notes

Nov 25, 2019 | Transcript Ordering

The National Student Clearinghouse is pleased to present the Transcript Ordering November 2019 release, which provides the following significant user experience improvements.

Third-Party Ordering – Educational Organization Program

This new program enables enrollment management and admissions companies, which have been vetted by the Clearinghouse and with whom we have partnered, to order transcripts on behalf of a student who has provided written consent. No changes or configuration is needed at the institution level. Because everything is done at the application level, orders flow through without any work required at the sending school level. The consent form is stored by the Clearinghouse for auditing purposes or in case a school ever needs to see it. Schools will receive the same remittance for a request as they do today. To review your ordering options, contact your Client Success Manager.

Third-Party Ordering – Ed Org NSC School Site Changes

For additional information on the items below, please refer to the Transcript Ordering Schools User’s Guide on the Transcript Services tab of the Clearinghouse secure site.

  • Requestor Type
    • A new Third-Party Ordering “Requestor Type” field was added to the Clearinghouse school secure site. The new field appears when orders are viewed and on some reports.
  • New Statuses
    • Two new additional statuses were created to support the Third-Party Ordering program
  • Requestor Information
    • Additional information on the user requesting the transcript will be displayed on the Transcript Request Details on the Clearinghouse school secure site
  • Student Information
    • Not all student information that is currently collected and displayed will be collected for the Third-Party Ordering program. Pertinent student information required to fulfill orders will still be collected.

Legacy/Archive Question Added to Order Details Screen

If your school uses the configurable legacy/archive question, the question and requestor response is now displayed on the Transcript Request Details screen on the Clearinghouse school secure site. This helps determine if a student cannot be offered an electronic transcript because they attended the institution prior to a certain year. 

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.