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Transcript Ordering July 2020 Release Notes

Jul 10, 2020 | Transcript Ordering

The National Student Clearinghouse is excited to announce the launch of a new transcript service, Third-Party Ordering for Admissions!

Third-Party Ordering – Admissions

​This new service, which will go live on July 24, enables admissions officers, who have a signed student consent meeting the FERPA consent requirements, to log onto the Clearinghouse secure site to order transcripts for their institution’s admitted students and applicants. In addition to placing orders, users can log on to retrieve transcripts, check order status, view a list of completed orders, and/or pay invoices.

  • Electronic transcripts are securely delivered to the admissions office via the Clearinghouse’s secure exchange network, ETX Plus, where they can be quickly and easily downloaded. (If the admissions office already uses our Electronic Transcript Exchange network, they can be migrated to our more user-friendly version, ETX Plus.)
  • Printed transcripts are sent to the address designated by the admissions office by the sending institution or our print fulfillment service, SecurePrint℠ (if the sender participates), ensuring transcripts are directed where they need to go.

All orders placed via Third-Party Ordering for Admissions require signed student consent (meeting the FERPA consent requirements), although the consent form does not need to be uploaded during the request. However, when placing the order, the user must verify that written student consent has been received. Consent forms will be requested by the Clearinghouse for auditing purposes or in case an institution ever needs to see it.

If the student has a hold on his or her transcript at the sending institution, an email notification regarding the hold will be sent to the student at the email address entered into the order by the requesting institution.

No changes or configuration is needed at the institution level. Although if your registrar’s office is active with our Transcript Ordering service, you must allow Third-Party Ordering for Admissions to enable your admissions office to participate in the service. Information on Third-Party Ordering for Admissions will be available in our Transcript Ordering School User’s Guide (located in the Resource Center of the Transcript Services’ tab on our secure site) when the new service goes live on July 24.​

​Third-Party Ordering Changes

The changes below, which were implemented in November 2019 for our Third-Party Ordering – Educational Organization program, also apply to Third-Party Ordering for Admissions:

  • Requestor Type
    • A new Third-Party Ordering “Requestor Type” field was added to the Clearinghouse school secure site. The new field appears when orders are viewed and on some reports.
  • New Statuses
    • One new additional status was created to support the Third-Party Ordering program for Admissions
  • Requestor Information
    • Additional information on the user requesting the transcript will be displayed on the Transcript Request Details page on the Clearinghouse school secure site
  • Student Information
    • Not all student information that is currently collected and displayed will be collected for the Third-Party Ordering program. Pertinent student information required to fulfill orders will still be collected.

Additional information is available on our Third-Party Ordering for Admissions FAQs

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.