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Transcript Center 2.7 Release Notes

Apr 26, 2019 | Transcript Center

The National Student Clearinghouse is pleased to present the Transcript Center 2.7 release, which provides the following improvements.

New File Processing Log Feature

Tennessee users responsible for uploading XAP transcript data files to the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange will now have access to the new File Processing Log feature. Rather than providing vague submission feedback via email, the updated upload result email provides instructions to find out more about the results of your XAP submission in the File Processing Log, which may be accessed from the secure, online Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange web application. The File Processing Log provides clear, actionable information on the errors encountered and the student records impacted when XAP files are submitted via your secure FTP account.

View a recorded webinar demonstrating effective use of the File Processing Log.

The File Processing Log will continue to be enhanced to support additional file types accepted by the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange and the Wyoming Transcript Center this fall. Users submitting PESC or Wyoming’s CSV format will continue to receive submission feedback via email in the meantime.

If you require assistance resolving errors encountered in your submission to the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange or the Wyoming Transcript Center, please email our support team at K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org.

Wyoming Weighted Hathaway GPA

With the introduction of Wyoming’s state standardized GPA, the Weighted Hathaway GPA, the Wyoming Transcript Center has been enhanced to accept this new, required GPA. Wyoming Student Information System providers, PowerSchool and Infinite Campus, released updates during the week of April 22 that will build your WDE949 and WDE950 Students.csv file according to the new requirements. Be sure to update your student information system to avoid submission errors related to this new change.

The Students.csv file has been modified to replace the “gpaWeighted” header with the new field header, “gpaWeightedHathaway.” Therefore, if you delay updating your student information system to the latest version, you will encounter the following error message when you submit the former “gpaWeighted” header in the Students.csv file.

Conversion Failed with Header Error

expected: lastName,firstName,middleName,nameSuffix,street,aptNum,city,state,zipCode,phone,birthDate,gradeLevel,gender,studentNum,wiserID,schoolDistrictName,schoolName,schoolStreet,schoolApt,schoolCity,schoolState,schoolZip,schoolPhone,schoolDistrictURL,stateID,gradDate,endorsementType,successCurriculumLevel,successCurriculumWaiver,gpaUnWeighted,gpaWeightedHathaway,creditEarned,classSize,classRank,rankDate,birthCity,schoolEntryDate,englishProficiency,foreignLanguageProficiency,creditAttempted,gpaCreditEarned,gpaQualityPoints

found: lastName,firstName,middleName,nameSuffix,street,aptNum,city,state,zipCode,phone,birthDate,gradeLevel,gender,studentNum,wiserID,schoolDistrictName,schoolName,schoolStreet,schoolApt,schoolCity,schoolState,schoolZip,schoolPhone,schoolDistrictURL,stateID,gradDate,endorsementType,successCurriculumLevel,successCurriculumWaiver,gpaUnWeighted,gpaWeighted,creditEarned,classSize,classRank,rankDate,birthCity,schoolEntryDate,englishProficiency,foreignLanguageProficiency,creditAttempted,gpaCreditEarned,gpaQualityPoints

Column “gpaWeighted” should be “gpaWeightedHathaway.”

Furthermore, the new “gpaWeightedHathaway” field is now conditionally required. When a student is reported as graduated by providing a past graduation date in the “gradDate” field, the student’s Weighted Hathaway GPA must be reported in the “gpaWeightedHathaway” field. If a student is reported as graduated with a “gradDate” value in the past and the “gpaWeightedHathway” field is blank, the following error will be reported to you in the “K-20 Transcript service Upload Result” email.

Failed to Convert Data

Errors from file: [Students.csv, Student.csv]

Error: Column: gpaWeightedHathaway Message: gpaWeightedHathaway must have a value if gradDate is valued  Occurrences: 1

Last, the Wyoming PDF template has been updated to replace the “GPA Weighted” label with the new label, “GPA Weighted Hathaway.”

Please refer to the latest version of the WDE949 and WDE950 guidebooks provided by the Wyoming Department of Education for all file and field requirements.

Tennessee “Decile Rank” PDF Label

Tennessee school districts and high schools that rank students using decile rank instead of exact rank, can now be configured to report the PDF label, “Decile Rank,” instead of “Rank.”


If your school district or high school uses decile rank, please contact us at K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org, and we will update your account accordingly.

Feedback Welcome!

We welcome existing users to contact us at K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org with general feedback about the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange or the Wyoming Transcript Center. You may also contact us at this email address to provide suggestions for future improvements. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.