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Transcript Center 2.6 Release Notes

Dec 19, 2018 | Transcript Center

The National Student Clearinghouse presents the Transcript Center 2.6 release, which provides the following product enhancements.

Send All Application Emails from donotreply@studentclearinghouse.org

In an effort to provide quicker support to all Transcript Center users, we updated all Transcript Center application emails so that they are now sent from a Do Not Reply address, donotreply@studentclearinghouse.org. As a result, the Clearinghouse will no longer receive out of office messages or autoreplies enabled in your email client allowing us to focus on assisting customers who intentionally reach out for assistance.

Although system emails will no longer be sent from K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org, you should continue to email our support team at K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org for help.

To best ensure successful delivery of application-generated reminder and notification emails to your email, be sure to notify your Information Technology or Information Security office that our emails will be delivered from donotreply@studentclearinghouse.org moving forward. As a best practice, you should ask them to allow any emails from our domain, @studentclearinghouse.org, to be delivered. This will allow you to receive emails from other areas at the National Student Clearinghouse, such as our Marketing team, with invitations to upcoming training webinars and events.

Updated Email Templates that Include Support Contact Information

To ensure you have our contact information when you need it, we updated all email templates from the Transcript Center application so that they now include our support team’s email address, K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org.

For users who are responsible for submitting transcript data files via a secure FTP account, our upload response email template, “K-20 Transcript service Upload Result,” has been updated to provide our support team’s contact information at the top of the email. If your file fails and you require assistance resolving any errors, do not hesitate to contact the support team at the email address provided in the application-generated email, K-20Transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org.

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.