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New Transfer Benchmarking Dashboard for Institutions

Dec 4, 2020 | Postsecondary Data Partnership

The new Transfer Benchmarking Dashboard is now available within Tableau for institutions that participate in the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP).

Using the Transfer Benchmarking Dashboard, you can compare your institution’s overall transfer-out rate and year-over-year transfer-out rate trend to benchmarking institutions.

In addition, using its Dimension Breakout feature, you can get a more granular view by comparing specific student subgroups to similar students within the benchmarking group as well as to internal subgroups at the same time.

Obtain COVID-19 Insights

The Transfer Benchmarking Dashboard is also a great tool to help you understand the impact COVID-19 has had on student transfer activity. Using its filters, you can slice and dice the data to answer:

  • How do shifts in the transfer rate for your institution’s various student groups compare to those at benchmarking institutions impacted by COVID-19?
  • Which kinds of students are more likely to transfer during this time?
  • When do students usually transfer out?
  • How do your transfer students compare to those at the benchmarking institutions?

PDP institutions can go here to log on and use the new Transfer Benchmarking Dashboard (click the “Log In” button under “Log In To Your Dashboards”).

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.