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New Electronic PDF Download Center

Mar 25, 2022 | Transcript Ordering

On April 1, the National Student Clearinghouse will launch a more user-friendly and accessible version of our Electronic PDF Download Center, where recipients retrieve out-of-network transcripts.

Improvements include:

  • School’s logo on the Download Center interface and emails
  • The messaging within the user interface will include information on the best browser and device for downloading and viewing transcripts, along with easy-to-access tips and tricks for resolving issues.
  • Recipients will receive a single email containing a secure token embedded in the Download Center link that updates with every new download. Currently, two emails are sent to the recipient (a link and access code), which can cause one email to be sent to spam and the recipient unable to get their transcript.
  • The new Download Center is WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant and meets industry accessibility standards.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the ordering flow or cost for Electronic PDF delivery change?
No, there will be no changes to the transcript ordering site for the Electronic PDF delivery option and no change in cost.

Will any of the ordering notifications to the student/alumni change?
No, the student/alumni will still receive confirmation, transcript sent, and transcript retrieved or transcript not retrieved emails, if applicable.


Processing and Fulfillment

Will the fulfillment process change?
Whether your institution uses manual or integrated processing, the upload and fulfillment process will not change.

Will the configuration of the Electronic PDF transcript change?
No, there will be no change to how artwork (watermark, registrar’s signature, or template) is applied to your institution’s transcripts or how documents (legends, cover letters, etc.) are sent with them.


Download Center Emails

How long will the download link be accessible?
The Download Center link will continue to be available for 30 days. If the recipient saves the transcript to their computer, it will be accessible for as long as they keep the saved document. Any rights management controls you have added (e.g., printing, offline access, view limit, etc.) will be applied.

Will there still be two emails sent to the transcript’s recipient?
No. Separate transcript link and transcript access code emails will no longer be sent. Recipients will only receive one email to access the Download Center.

Can my institution customize our Download Center emails?

  • If your institution applies your logo to your ordering site, it will automatically be added to the “Transcript Link” email. The text within the email is not configurable.
  • If your institution doesn’t apply a logo to your ordering site but would like to add it to both your ordering site and Download Center emails, contact your Client Success Manager.


Download Center

How will the recipient access the transcript without an access code?
The link has an embedded token that allows direct and secure access to the new Download Center. A separate access code is no longer required.

Must the recipient use a different application or software to open the transcript?
No, the transcript will still be downloaded and viewed in Adobe Acrobat. If your institution uses the Digital Signature Blue Ribbon technology, it will continue to be applied.

If the recipient cannot view the downloaded transcript, what should they do?
The Download Center page has FAQs that include troubleshooting tips for the most common issues, including how to fix the issue and successfully view the transcript.

Are there specific browsers or devices that are best for downloading transcripts?
Yes, the browsers that work best are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The device used should be a laptop or desktop computer. If the user attempts to download the transcript on an unsupported browser or device, they will receive an error message providing the best device or browser to use.

Does the new Download Center allow users with accessibility needs to access transcripts?
Yes, the new user interface is WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessible. The JAWS reader tool and tab functionality are also supported.

What should the recipient do if they do not receive the link email?
The student/alumni can resend the link email to the recipient via the Track Your Order site, or the recipient can contact Clearinghouse customer service and we can resend it to the recipient.


If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.