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Myhub 3.3: New Release

Jul 1, 2021 | Myhub

The National Student Clearinghouse is pleased to present Myhub 3.3 which provides for the following product enhancements.

Strengthened Transcript Ordering Integration

We are passing even more learner information to enable greater streamlining of the ordering experience.

School Transcript Link

Schools that do not participate in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering can direct students to their website to provide learners with additional information about ordering transcripts. This will reduce the burden for students seeking information about transcript ordering where a direct integration with Clearinghouse doesn’t exist.

Myhub Dashboard

  • The Myhub dashboard, accessible from our school secure site, provides features that enable administrative users to maintain Myhub and provide additional support for learners, including:
    • Reports: View enrollment, advanced registration, and Good Student Discount certificate generation by date ranges and download the output for further examination
    • Myhub Configuration: Manage Myhub settings, certification verbiage, and external links if applicable

New Myhub User Roles

  • User administrators at institutions using the Clearinghouse’s secure website now have two new roles available that enable the user to access and/or edit settings in the Myhub Dashboard. These two new roles should be assigned to school contacts who are authorized to request changes to options and configuration settings related to your institution’s Myhub service.
    • Myhub Service Administrator: Authorized to make changes to your school’s Myhub configurations and view school utilization reports
    • Myhub Staff: Authorized to view Myhub configurations and school utilization reports

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