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Myhub 3.0: Enhanced Enrollment and Advanced Registration Certificates

Jun 29, 2020 | Myhub

The National Student Clearinghouse is pleased to present Myhub 3.0, which provides the following product enhancements.

​Enrollment and Advanced Registration Certificates with School Logo Watermark Option

Student Self-Service features are being made available in Myhub so, in the future, students and alumni can use Myhub alone to access all services available to them via the Clearinghouse and enjoy a modern and mobile-friendly experience. The latest Myhub release provides users with the ability to generate and download Enrollment and Advanced Registration certificates. In response to feedback from participating institutions, institutions using Myhub can also replace the Clearinghouse’s logo with their own institution’s logo as the certificate watermark.

Over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year, the Clearinghouse will continue to deliver additional features native to Student Self-Service in Myhub. Many of the features will be improved exclusively for Myhub users, as they are made available in Myhub.

Long term, sometime after all Student Self-Service features are made available in Myhub, Student Self-Service will be retired. If you are a current Student Self-Service customer, talk to your Regional Director today to learn more about transitioning to Myhub.

Reverse Transfer Data Suppression Option

In response to your requests, the latest Myhub release includes a configurable option for your institution to toggle the display of course and grade data you provided for Reverse Transfer use so that it is also made available to, or hidden from, Myhub users.

If you are an active Myhub institution and a Reverse Transcript data provider, contact your Client Success Specialist to learn more about this option and to indicate your display preference.

If you are an active Reverse Transfer data provider and you are interested in learning more about Myhub, contact your Regional Director.

Quick Action Buttons

To provide an improved user experience for Myhub users, each action a user takes can now be accessed more quickly from the user’s Myhub dashboard. The new action buttons allow users to easily generate and download an Enrollment or Advanced Registration certificate and order a transcript using Myhub’s integration with the Clearinghouse’s Next Generation Transcript Ordering Experience.

As Myhub is improved, additional action buttons will be added to further aid users in quickly accessing and using their learner record.

New Myhub User Roles for School Administrators

User Administrators of institutions using the Clearinghouse’s secure website now have two new roles available to them for their Myhub Student Portal service. These two new roles are intended to be assigned to school contacts who are authorized to request changes to options and configuration settings related to your institution’s Myhub service.

The new roles are:

  • Myhub Administrator: Authorized to request changes to Myhub service options and configuration settings.
  • Myhub IT Administrator: Authorized to request changes to single sign-on integration parameters for the institution’s Myhub service.
  • Myhub Publicized Contact: FOR STUDENTS ONLY: Contact information for students who need to contact school for record questions and/or updates.

Requests from contacts assigned either of these roles should be directed to your institution’s Client Success Specialist so the Clearinghouse can update your Myhub service accordingly.

Myhub Logo

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.