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Fall 2021 Data Submission

Jan 18, 2022 | Postsecondary Data Partnership

When Should Data Be Submitted?

  • Current Participants: Participants who previously submitted Course and Cohort files for the spring and summer 2021 terms can begin submitting data for the fall term starting January 27, 2022.​
  • New Participants: New participating institutions that have not yet completed a historical data submission should continue doing so and include the fall 2021 term data.

When Will Analysis-Ready Files and Dashboards Be Available?

  • Institutions that certify their PDP data submission before the March 11, 2022, effective date will receive updated analysis-ready files and dashboards within 30 days of the March effective date.
  • Institutions that submit data after the March 11, 2022, effective date will receive updated analysis-ready files and dashboards within 30 days of certifying the PDP data submission.

Effective Dates

There are four effective dates per academic year during which the Clearinghouse updates enrollment and degree data on the relevant dashboards. As a reminder, the effective dates are “snapshots” of the postsecondary enrollment and degree data against which your certified data submissions are used for calculating and generating the dashboards.

The four effective dates for the 2020-21 academic year are:

  1. September 24, 2021
  2. November 12, 2021
  3. March 11, 2022
  4. June 17, 2022

Important Information on Data Submissions

Our goal is to provide dashboards within 30 days of the effective date or certification date (if data is submitted after the effective date). However, our report processing could be delayed during peak times.

Additional data quality checks performed after the degree and enrollment data matching process can reveal data discrepancies that may require you to re-submit data to ensure the best quality outcomes. If your institution is required to re-submit data, your dashboards will be available within 30 days from the latest certification date.

The optional Financial Aid file is not part of the certification process. If you plan to submit a Financial Aid file, please notify us by emailing PDPService@studentclearinghouse.org.

If you are experiencing issues with your service, you can check on the availability of our online system on the Service Availability Status page.