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Additional Course-Level Analysis-Ready (A/R) File

Feb 5, 2021 | Postsecondary Data Partnership

An additional analysis-ready file has been added to the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), the Course-Level Analysis-Ready (A/R) file. Unlike the regular cohort file, which is one row per student the course A/R file is one row per student per course record, allowing for a more granular view of courses and students.

In addition to the course-level information, an indicator of whether a student is enrolled at other institution(s) is included. This indicator allows both institutions and education organizations to determine whether a student was enrolled at another institution either (1) simultaneously to taking a course at the cohort institution or (2) at any point after being enrolled in the cohort institution.

With this information, institutions and education organizations can better understand whether certain student groups (e.g., certain age groups or different enrollment intensities) are enrolling at other institutions and whether enrollment at another institution impacts student outcomes, such as:

  • Course grades received and credit accumulation rate
  • Number of total credits in which a student enrolls at the cohort institution

Education organizations can also use their access to course-level information to better understand student outcomes at the course level. This includes multiple student outcomes and the influence of various factors (e.g., course type or level, several demographic factors, etc.) on those outcomes, such as:

  • Course grades
  • Gateway course completion and grades in those specific courses

For additional details about the Course-Level Analysis-Ready file, please see the PDP Course Level A/R File Data Dictionary.

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