Formatting the Column Header Record

Every data file must include a column header record containing the column headings for the fields in the data file. The column headings are different for each data file type. The field values are included in the detail records. See Detail Records below for details.

List the column headings separated by commas as follows:

Column 1,Column 2,Column 3,Column 4,Column 5,Column 6

You must include the CH1 header as the first field in the column header record. You can include the rest of the headers in any order, but they must match the order of the detail records. The detail records include the values that appear in the columns under the headers. The values must match the column headers. We recommend following the sequence in the sample column header record below.

Sample Column Header Record

CH1,Cohort,Cohort Term,Cohort Term Begin Date,Cohort Term End Date,SSN,ITIN,Student ID,First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Street Line 1,Street Line 2,City,State,Zip/Postal Code,Country,Date of Birth,Ethnicity,Race,Institution ID Type,Institution ID,HS Completion Status,HS Completion Year,HS Unweighted GPA,HS Weighted GPA,First Gen,Dual and Summer Enrollment,Enrollment Type,Number of College Credits Attempted to Transfer,Number of College Transfer Credits Accepted,Math Placement,English Placement,Gateway Math Status,Gateway English Status

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