Data Submission Checklist

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Get ready to submit your data

Before submitting your data files to the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), review this checklist to ensure that your data is complete and ready to be submitted.

☐ Sign and submit your Data Sharing Agreement.

Make sure you have signed your Data Sharing Agreement and submitted it to the National Student Clearinghouse. If you have not submitted your signed agreement, or your agreement is delayed, email the PDP team at

☐ Complete or update your questionnaire.

Make sure you have submitted your questionnaire. Completing this questionnaire is essential to successfully submit your data files.

If you are a new PDP customer, submit your completed questionnaire by the assigned date in the submission window. If you are an existing PDP customer, submit an updated questionnaire if there have been any changes at your institution.

☐ Prepare to submit your data.

Review the PDP Data Submission Guide and make sure you have access to your secure FTP site and the PDP application.

☐ Prepare your data files.

Ensure that you have properly formatted your cohort and course data files (and your financial aid data file if you are submitting one).

Submit your data

When you’re ready to submit your data, review this checklist to ensure that your data is properly submitted and any errors are resolved.

☐ Submit your data files.

Submit your files through your secure FTP site or through API. When The Clearinghouse accepts your submission, we will send you a confirmation email.

☐ Resolve data errors.

When The Clearinghouse completes structural and data validations on your submissions, we will email you if there are any errors. Review and resolve these errors and resubmit your data files if necessary.

☐ Reject invalid data submissions.

Reject the following types of data submissions:

  • Test submissions
  • Duplicate submissions
  • Submissions that have been corrected and re-submitted

☐ Certify valid and complete data submissions.

Certify data submissions that have passed validation checks.

☐ Review data quality checks.

If your submission fails data quality checks, the PDP team will notify you by email and inform you if any of your data files need to be re-submitted.

☐ Re-submit and re-certify your data if necessary.

If the PDP team informs you that any of your data files need to be re-submitted, re-submit and re-certify the files.


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