Rejecting Submissions

You can reject invalid submissions with a status of “Passed” or “Data Quality Failed.” This confirms that the submission is invalid and the PDP system should discard it. You should reject the following types of files: Test files Files that were accidentally submitted more than once Files that were edited […]

Certifying Submissions

Once you have submitted your data files and resolved any validation errors, you must certify your submissions to confirm that they are complete and ready for further processing. You must certify cohort and course data files as well as the historical data you send the first time you submit. Do […]

Reviewing Validation Errors

The PDP system runs two validation checks on your data file submissions: Structural Validation: Checks that the file is formatted correctly (contains all necessary columns, no missing lines, etc.) Field Validation: Checks each field to ensure it contains correct values (required fields are populated, correct length and format, etc.) The […]

Reviewing Submissions

Once you have submitted your data files, the PDP system will perform two types of checks: Validation Checks: The system checks the data files to ensure that the data is complete and formatted correctly. Data Quality Checks: The system reviews the response rate of specific data elements, checks for duplicate […]

Submitting Data Files through FTP

During your kickoff call with the PDP implementation team, you will receive your PDP account information, including your service account number and secure FTP mailbox username and password. You will use these credentials to submit your data files. The first time you log in, you may need to change your password. […]

When to Submit Data Files

After you have your kickoff call with the PDP implementation team, you can submit your data at any time. We recommend that you submit 3-5 years of historical data up to the most recent completed term. Most institutions submit data to the PDP twice per year in the fall and […]

Sample Data Files

Sample Version 1 Data Files Sample Cohort Data File DCE01,10027795,004781,00,,,,,20171030,,TEST2010-11,,,, CH1,Cohort,Cohort Term,Cohort Term Begin Date, Cohort Term End Date,SSN,ITIN,Student ID,First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Street Line 1,Street Line 2,City,State,Zip/Postal Code,Country,Date of Birth,Ethnicity,Race,Institution ID Type,Institution ID,HS Completion Status,HS Completion Year,HS Unweighted GPA,HS Weighted GPA,First Gen,Dual and Summer Enrollment,Enrollment Type,Number of College Credits Attempted […]

Formatting the Financial Aid File Detail Records

You must submit the financial aid file AFTER your cohort file has been loaded and its status is Passed in the submission portal. The students in the financial aid file must have been included in a successfully merged cohort file for the file to pass data quality checks. Submitting a […]

Formatting the Course File Detail Records

In the course data file, you should include three kinds of information: Identifying information about the student Information about the student’s progress during the academic term Information about courses taken by the student The identifying information is similar to what you include in the cohort data file, but there are […]

Formatting the Cohort File Detail Records

In the cohort data file, you should include three kinds of data: Identifying information about the student The student’s high school graduation and GPA information Information about the student’s enrollment at your institution The following tables list all of the variables required in each detail record in the cohort data […]