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StudentTracker for High Schools: An Essential Tool for ESSA Success

StudentTracker for High Schools: An Essential Tool for ESSA Success

by NSC Blog | Oct 11, 2018 | K-12, Research Services, StudentTracker, StudentTracker for High Schools |

Clearinghouse Helps States Achieve Their Data Improvement Goals

In a recent article, Brennan McMahon Parton, director of policy and advocacy at the Data Quality Initiative, examined three major ways states are looking to data to help them comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

“States have made big commitments in their plans for complying with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act to use data effectively to achieve their education goals — a major recognition of data as a powerful tool when it’s working for students. The Data Quality Campaign has dug into every state’s ESSA plan and found that while approaches to student success vary, the commitment to data use is clear,” Parton wrote.

StudentTracker for High Schools, a service of the National Student Clearinghouse, is uniquely positioned to help states come through on those commitments. StudentTracker helps high schools and school districts gain valuable insights into their graduates’ postsecondary outcomes. Because the data comes from the enrolling institution – not the student – the data provides an accurate picture of how high school graduates fare over time. Questions StudentTracker can answer include:

  • How many of our high school graduates enroll in college?
  • Do they persist and graduate from college?
  • How long does it take for them to get their degrees?
  • Do they go in or out of state for college?
  • Do they attend a two- or four-year school?
  • Which colleges do they most commonly attend?

According to Parton, states have committed to supporting school districts as they use data to improve outcomes. States are using data more directly themselves and committing to data transparency with the communities and families they serve.

  • 49 states will provide training and support to schools and districts in data analysis and data use
  • 38 states plan to invest in data-based tools that explicitly examine school data to support continuous improvement
  • 40 states aim to use data to revise their long-term goals
  • 36 states are dedicating resources to improve the quality of the data they use
  • 32 states committed to engaging with communities and stakeholders about ESSA implementation and outcomes.

StudentTracker for High Schools has a wealth of resources available to states as they pursue ESSA compliance. The Clearinghouse looks forward to partnering with states, school districts, and schools as they use data to drive educational improvement.

Register today for our StudentTracker for High Schools webinar, Oct. 16 from 2-3 pm. Come learn about StudentTracker for High Schools for a high-level overview, how you can use it, and the different search options available.

“StudentTracker for High Schools is uniquely positioned to help states come through on their commitments to use data effectively to achieve ESSA compliance.”

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