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Student Self-Service Is Riding into the Sunset

by NSC Blog | Dec 7, 2021 | Myhub, Student Self-Service, Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

Student Self-Service Institutions: Talk to Us About Getting Started with Myhub

Since its launch back in 2002, Student Self-Service has been an important part of the Clearinghouse’s suite of services. Every year, Student Self-Service has enabled millions of students, across thousands of postsecondary institutions, to access important enrollment information directly.

A student-facing service, Student Self-Service was created to reduce the administrative burden for schools. Instead of walking into the university registrar’s office, for example, students could simply log on to their school’s student portal or Student Self-Service and:

  • View and print their enrollment certificates
  • Print “Good Student Discount” certificates
  • Access and print Advanced Registration certificates
  • Check out enrollment history
  • View enrollment verifications
  • Take a look at student loan deferments
  • Find out which loan servicers are handling their private and FFEL loans
  • Order transcripts

Using Student Self-Service dramatically reduced the number of phone calls and in-person visits to the registrar’s or student aid offices, giving college staff more time to focus on serving more students more effectively.

Student Self-Service Has Paved the Way for Myhub

While Student Self-Service has long offered a valuable service, it has reached its technological limits. As the Clearinghouse moves into the future, embracing leading-edge technological innovation to reimagine our student-facing services, we are preparing to sunset Student Self-Service. Fortunately, all of the features in Student Self-Service and so much more are available in our online platform, Myhub.

Myhub offers a modern, user-friendly design that is easy to use and super-convenient. It’s also optimized for mobile, so students — as well as your alumni — can access their enrollment information, order transcripts, view digital certificates, and review student loan information and more anytime, anywhere.

Get Started with Myhub

With Myhub, you’ll be serving your students better today — and you won’t have to scramble at the last minute when Student Self-Service sunsets. It’s time for a new day. Contact your regional relationship manager to talk to us today about getting started with Myhub.

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