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Plan Ahead for a Smooth Myhub Transition

by NSC Blog | Jan 11, 2022 | Myhub, Student Self-Service, Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

Student Self-Service Institutions: Don’t Wait to Get Started with Myhub, Contact Us Today

It’s an understatement to say that college and university registrars are juggling multiple priorities. Here at the National Student Clearinghouse, we know that making work easier for registrars is an important way to fulfill our mission. That’s why we created Myhub.

Myhub is a vast improvement over our current Student Self-Service system, which the Clearinghouse is planning to retire. With new technology, new features (as well as all of Student Self-Services’ features), and a sleek, mobile-friendly interface, Myhub enables students to view and print enrollment information, order transcripts, and much more. Still, some Student Self-Service institutions haven’t yet made the switch to Myhub.

Start Early for a Smooth Transition to Myhub

Our best advice for registrars is: don’t wait. Contact us now to start your transition to Myhub, so that you and your students are not caught in a bind when Student Self-Service goes offline.

The switch to Myhub will require cooperation between your registrar’s office and your college or university’s IT office. As you know, IT departments typically have a backlog of projects to complete. If switching to Myhub isn’t on their radar screen, they will not have the necessary resources in place to get the configuration done in a timely manner.

How to Get Started with Your Switch to Myhub

“Registrars are working in a tight budget environment, and it’s understandable that some organizations have put off switching to Myhub,” said Paul Taylor, a former vice president of Enrollment Management who is now a senior manager of Postsecondary Education Relationships at the Clearinghouse. “But because of the constraints you face as a registrar, you can’t necessarily pivot to a new system in a short timeframe. My advice to registrars is to plan ahead and be strategic in making sure you have the resources you’ll need all lined up.”

What’s the best way for a registrar to avoid a costly implementation gap when Student Self-Service sunsets? Contact your Clearinghouse regional relationship manager today to discuss switching to Myhub. We can talk you through the process and help you understand how the transition will work. Then, you’ll have everything you need to get on your IT department’s schedule — and ultimately, serve your students better than ever with Myhub.

“Just like you don’t want your students to wait until the last possible day to add a class, don’t wait until the last minute to transition to Myhub,” Taylor said.

Why Wait?

All current Student Self-Service institutions will need to migrate to Myhub. Get ahead of the pack: contact your regional relationship manager to talk to us today about getting started with Myhub.