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Here’s our lineup of live webinars for November. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Visit the events calendar of our Clearinghouse Academy page to learn more about our ongoing webinars and other events. You can check out the on-demand webinars and tutorials on Clearinghouse Academy.

Need help identifying the services and webinars available to you?

In the title, most of our webinars have the service line listed before the focus of the webinar so it’s easy for you to identify what’s relevant to your institution or organization. Research and non-service specific web events, except where noted, are open to anyone interested.

Postsecondary institutions (colleges and universities): Enrollment Reporting, Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), Reverse Transfer, StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities, Transcript Services, Verification Services

Secondary institutions (high schools, districts, middle schools): Transcript Center*, StudentTracker for High Schools, DiplomaVerify

*Transcript Center is based on state-level agreements and is currently open to schools in Wyoming and Tennessee.

We don’t currently offer live education to workforce or educational organizations. For on-demand resources, see our self-help site.

If you’re uncertain of the services your organization or institution has signed up for, please reach out to the Regional Relationship Manager or Client Success Manager for your area.

Data Insights

The Evolving Pathways and Data Needs Beyond Today’s Measures (60 minutes)
Discover the education revolution supporting evolving pathways and institutional data needs beyond traditional measures. This webinar will focus on the revolution that is happening in education and the rapid cadence of change that data-driven insights can help inform and the correlate impact on how the National Student Clearinghouse can continue to provide its unique national value and expand understanding.

Hear from research and data experts on what is happening today, how higher education is changing, and how it is leveraging the Clearinghouse to inform its paths forward. As many of you know, the Clearinghouse is a non-profit, education data organization dedicated to supporting learners, institutions and workforce communities as these evolutions occur.

This webcast is hosted by Inside Higher Ed.


Enrollment Reporting

Missed one of our Enrollment Reporting webinars? Join us for an encore presentation. For anyone who submits scheduled enrollment files or makes online Enrollment Reporting updates to the Clearinghouse, including staff members in the registrar, enrollment services, financial aid, institution compliance, and institutional effectiveness (those who work with title IV student aid compliance) offices of postsecondary institutions.

Enrollment Reporting Part 6: Reporting Separation Statuses and Graduates Only (30 minutes)
This webinar covers the importance of reporting separation statuses in a timely manner and the different ways to report them. Also covered will be reporting students who continue enrollment at your institution after completing a program.

  • Thursday, November 3 at 2 PM, ET

Compliance Reporting: Avoiding Common Audit Enrollment Findings (60 minutes)
Hear the common audit pain points related to Enrollment Reporting for student aid compliance and how to avoid them. Join us as we walk through compliance issues identified during a financial aid audit or program review, how to avoid repeat findings, and how to mitigate risk for future audits.

  • Tuesday, November 8 at 2 PM, ET

Compliance Cohesion: Maximizing Your Compliance Enrollment Reporting (60 minutes)
Explore the importance of ensuring alignment across your campus on key definitions related to federal student aid reporting. In this webinar, we’ll explore the importance of having Financial Aid and the Registrar/Enrollment Office work together to create consistent reporting for financial aid and federal student aid reporting requirements.

  • Tuesday, November 15 at 2 PM, ET

Enrollment Reporting Part 7: G from Degree (30 minutes)
Join our presenters as they shed light on the Clearinghouse’s G from Degree process. Learn the difference between the enrollment and degree databases at the Clearinghouse as well as how G from DegreeVerify files are generated. We’ll also review the G Not Applied list.

  • Thursday, November 17 at 2 PM, ET


Postsecondary Data Partnership

Postsecondary Data Partnership: Prepare & Submit Your Files (60 minutes)
Learn about the general data submission process for the Postsecondary Data Partnership. We’ll also cover partial update files and how to recertify and override. For colleges and universities interested or participating in the Postsecondary Data Partnership.


StudentTracker for High Schools File Submission Open Forum (60 minutes)
This session is like office hours. Drop in any time during the session to ask any question you have about data submission for StudentTracker for High Schools. For high schools and districts participating in StudentTracker for High Schools.

Getting Started with StudentTracker for High Schools (45 minutes)
Are you wondering about the implementation process for StudentTracker for High Schools? Join us to learn the steps to successfully activate the StudentTracker service and tips for submitting your graduate files. For high schools and districts who are interested in or implementing StudentTracker for High Schools.

Transcript Services

Transcript Ordering: Third Party Ordering for your Admissions Office (30 minutes)
Are you a college or university that orders transcripts from other two- or four-year institutions? Join us to learn how you can order transcripts on behalf of students currently enrolled or who have applied to your institution. For admissions offices at colleges and universities interested in placing orders on behalf of students or applicants.


Demystifying the Postsecondary Data Partnership

Preparing data for submission to the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) can seem overwhelming and even intimidating. But a little knowledge can make the process a lot smoother. Join us for this two-session workshop as we demystify the implementation process.

Given the comprehensive nature of PDP data submission, the workshop focuses on best practices for this process and tips to address common difficulties to reduce time in data submission.

The first session will feature the structure and formatting of cohort and course files and best practices for data submission. In the second session, participants will discuss issues and concerns about the general data submission process, including opportunities to ask questions specific to their institutions during breakout sessions with National Student Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) representatives.

This series is hosted by AIR.

November 4 & 14  REGISTER NOW

Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) Onboarding Course

The Online PDP Onboarding Course is designed to support college teams that are new to the Postsecondary Data Partnership. Participants will connect with colleagues and mentors, complete a comprehensive PDP data submission to maximize dashboard functionality, navigate the ever-growing demands for better data to inform better decisions, and use data to advance equity. The course content is available online for participants to access when it best suits their schedule and is supplemented with live sessions for real-time engagement with PDP experts.  

This 6-part series is hosted and presented by Achieving the Dream.

Tuesdays through November 18   REGISTER NOW