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Myhub Announces Integration with Badgr

by NSC Blog | Jan 26, 2022 | Myhub, Student Self-Service, Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

Some learning happens in the classroom and is quantified by college course completion or degree attainment. Yet there are many other ways for learners to build skills, including industry credentials, nonacademic certifications, and microcredentials. Thus, to capture the full scope of an individual’s skills and credentials, the Clearinghouse must look beyond traditional educational institutions.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Myhub’s integration with Badgr, the most popular digital badging platform. More than 25,000 organizations worldwide use Badgr to provide skills-based digital credential systems for their learners.

Myhub is an online platform that brings together all a learner’s verified achievements into one secure, digital location — no matter where, when, or how those learning achievements happened. It’s designed to be the ultimate skills gap closing engine. Integrating with Badgr will enable us to fulfill that mission even better in these important ways:

1. We’ll have even more learner achievements available in Myhub

Incorporating Badgr’s repository of millions of student achievement records means that more of a learner’s credentials will be visible within Myhub. This enables students to better assess how their skills correspond to the skills needed for a particular job or role within a career path — and gives them an easier way to share the full scope of their qualifications with potential employers.

2. We’ll gain key insights into skills and competencies

Companies establish skills-based digital badges to reward their employees for developing skills through ongoing training or continuing education. This means that Badgr provides unique insight into skills-based learning and skills-based hiring across the globe. Integrating with Badgr will enable the Clearinghouse to establish a fuller picture of individuals’ skills gaps — and help us to support learners’ efforts to close those gaps.

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