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Introducing NSC SecurePrint: Secure, Automated Transcript Printing!

by NSC Blog | Nov 7, 2017 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Transcript Ordering |

Would you like to stop printing transcripts? With NSC SecurePrint ®, you can! Most importantly, you can do it without sacrificing the security of your students’ information and the credibility of your transcripts. That’s because NSC SecurePrint is the most secure print fulfillment service available.

The Industry’s Most Secure Print Solution

The National Student Clearinghouse developed NSC SecurePrint with great care, producing a unique solution that reflects our unmatched 25-year commitment to student privacy and security. As a result, NSC SecurePrint is the ONLY print fulfillment service using a FISMA-certified and SOC 2-compliant high security facility to process, print, and mail transcriptsWe employ the same security paper and rigorous information security standards used for printing other sensitive documents, like stock certificates and corporate bonds. Do your students deserve any less?

The NSC SecurePrint Difference

With NSC SecurePrint, every ordering and fulfillment step is automated and secure. Transcripts are personalized for your institution (e.g., your seal, logo, registrar’s signature, and more), embedded with multiple security features and delivered, along with any approved student attachments, in tamper-evident envelopes to prevent fraud. NSC SecurePrint integrates easily with each of our FAST, FASTER and FASTEST transcript solutions to provide an unbeatable combination of security and automation that scales to meet the needs of all size enrollments.

Don’t Miss Our NSC SecurePrint Webinar on Nov. 15

You can learn about the many benefits of NSC SecurePrint during our webinar on Wednesday, November 15, at 1 pm, ET. We’ll walk you through how our solution works as well as NSC SecurePrint’s extensive security features, flexible delivery options, and the ways you can configure it for your institution. Register now for our November 15 webinar!

If you can’t make our November webinar, please join us on Tuesday, December 12, at 2 pm, ET.

Stop Printing Transcripts, Let the Clearinghouse Do It for You!

Are you ready to offload the burden of printing transcripts with the most secure automated print fulfillment solution available? Get started with NSC SecurePrint, talk to the Clearinghouse today!