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High Point University Becomes 25th College Using the Clearinghouse to Activate Ellucian eTranscripts

High Point University Becomes 25th College Using the Clearinghouse to Activate Ellucian eTranscripts

by NSC Blog | Oct 2, 2014 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Transcript Ordering |

Enables Electronic Transcript Processing and Delivery in 15 Minutes or Less

The Clearinghouse has successfully activated 25 colleges and universities on the eTranscripts solution by Ellucian since it became available in early 2014. eTranscripts is a secure interface that — for the first time — fully automates electronic transcript processing and delivery. Eliminating manual intervention, this “touch free” solution enables students and alumni to order electronic transcripts and have them delivered in, on average, under 15 minutes, even as little as 5 minutes. Through its real-time automation capabilities, eTranscripts has proven to be a time-saver for students and a life-saver for college registrars challenged to do more with fewer resources.

“We continuously aim to provide industry-leading solutions to our institutions as they meet the challenges of today’s students. Our eTranscripts partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse demonstrates our commitment to solving challenges that help colleges and universities operate more efficiently.”

 Mark Jones
Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Ellucian

High Point University (HPU) is the twenty-fifth institution activated on eTranscripts by the Clearinghouse, the only provider to activate multiple institutions on the revolutionary solution. “eTranscripts enables the Office of the University Registrar to fulfill transcript orders from both students and alumni in a more timely fashion, which makes students as well as receiving institutions happy. Whether it’s applying for a job, a promotion, or graduate school, eTranscripts gives us that competitive edge that our students and alums are accustomed to,” said Daniel K. Brooks, University Registrar at High Point University.

Institutions that have activated eTranscripts through the Clearinghouse include Amarillo College (the first to activate), Brown University, Emporia State University, and the University of Great Falls. The Clearinghouse has implemented the highly scalable solution across institutions with as few as 1,000 students and as many as 25,000; all of them realizing time- and cost-efficiencies immediately after activation. Implementing eTranscripts has enabled Brown University, for example, to add new positions in its registrar’s office without requesting additional funds. According to University Registrar Robert Fitzgerald, “We’ve taken out the staff middleman and time component associated with that part of the equation. It doesn’t matter if it’s one transcript ordered or 100. Every transcript flows through exactly the same.

eTranscripts works by creating a secure interface between Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and the institution’s Ellucian administrative system: Banner by Ellucian, Colleague by Ellucian, or PowerCampus by Ellucian. “We’ve seen so many cobbled together so-called integration solutions through the years,” observed Adriene Doray-Franklin, Director of Transcript Services and SIS Integration at the Clearinghouse. “We held out for, and finally have, a sleek and elegant solution built to seamlessly integrate with your SIS. It’s ready!”

Ellucian eTranscripts is available at no additional cost to Ellucian support customers that activate the API and participate in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering. The more than 2,400 institutions around the world using an Ellucian ERP system have access to eTranscripts, making them eligible to implement it and begin enjoying its many benefits right away.

“We announced our strategic alliance with Ellucian last year during our twentieth anniversary. Here we are at 21 — the same age as a lot of the students now benefiting from eTranscripts — still delivering on our commitment to provide innovative solutions that help us serve higher education and their students better. As we begin our third decade of service, we’re proud that we remain higher education’s trusted partner and pleased to offer institutions a nonprofit alternative for their mission-critical administrative functions.”

 Rick Torres
President and CEO of the National Student Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse expects to activate an additional 16 colleges or more by the end of the 2014. New colleges are being added to the current pipeline regularly as institutions realize that, through the Clearinghouse, they can go live on the solution in as little as two weeks. In 2015, Ellucian and the Clearinghouse expect to support a robust schedule of activations across all three platforms.


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