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eTranscripts is a lifesaver

“eTranscripts: What a lifesaver!” Says Eastern Michigan University

by NSC Blog | Jan 10, 2017 | Testimonials, Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

By Amy L. Frady, Assistant Director, Graduation and Transcripting Systems, Eastern Michigan University

eTranscripts, a secure interface that enables real-time automation of electronic transcript processing and delivery, was developed through a strategic alliance between Ellucian and the National Student Clearinghouse. Eastern Michigan activated the Ellucian eTranscripts’ service with the National Student Clearinghouse in October.

First of all, the time it took to implement eTranscripts, and the work involved, was so much easier than typical projects. When we were told it was a simple process, we were, to say the least, a bit hesitant. But it truly was! Institutions can begin activation and start using the system in as little as two weeks.

Since going live with eTranscripts, the changes we’ve seen have been just short of miraculous – we LOVE this new process! There are so many features that have benefited us:

  • We no longer need to manually type in each single request, run a batch of transcripts, match, and then process accordingly (mail, pick-up, etc.);
  • Once an order is placed, it rolls directly into our SIS system, automatically prints the transcript or sends the electronic PDF practically immediately; and
  • The amount of resources to process transcript requests has significantly been reduced!

“We can’t sing the praises of eTranscripts enough. It’s truly been a wonderful enhancement to our office and campus community!”

Amy L. Frady
Eastern Michigan University

As of today, 45.71 percent of our transcript requests have been for the electronic PDFs. We don’t have to do a thing for nearly half our orders because they are all hands off. We hope this wonderful percentage will grow as more and more people become aware of this new, awesome service. Almost all of the other requests were for printed transcripts, but ones we no longer have to manually process to complete. What a time saver!

According to the Clearinghouse, given that up to half of transcript orders are placed when colleges are closed, electronic transcripts can save an institution an average of $33,000 per year on paper, postage, and personnel costs, based on an annual transcript volume of 25,000. We look forward to spending those savings on other valuable needs.

We can’t sing the praises of eTranscripts enough. It’s truly been a wonderful enhancement to our office and campus community!

The eTranscripts solution is provided at no cost to Clearinghouse’s Transcript Ordering participants that also use one of Ellucian’s three administrative systems: Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus® by Ellucian.

Throw your staff a lifesaver; make a New Year’s resolution to save time and money in 2017 and contact the Clearinghouse about signing up for eTranscripts!