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Clearinghouse Activates eTranscripts on PowerCampus by Ellucian

Clearinghouse Activates eTranscripts on PowerCampus by Ellucian

by NSC Blog | Feb 20, 2015 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

First Provider to Successfully Activate eTranscripts on All Three Ellucian Student Information Systems

The Clearinghouse has become the first provider to successfully activate the eTranscripts solution on all three Ellucian student Information systems. eTranscripts, a secure interface that enables real-time automation of electronic transcript processing and delivery, was developed through a strategic alliance between Ellucian and the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse activated the first school users of PowerCampus by Ellucian, Franklin College in Indiana and Randolph College in Virginia, on eTranscripts in January 2015.

In less than one year since it was introduced, the Clearinghouse has activated eTranscripts at more than 50 colleges and universities using Banner by Ellucian and Colleague by Ellucian. Immediately upon activation, these schools and their students and alumni began benefiting from the fastest available electronic transcript processing turnaround time: less than 15 minutes, on average, from order placement to delivery.

Touch-free eTranscripts

“Touch-free” eTranscripts from the Clearinghouse puts you in touch with a solution that can completely transform your transcript processing.

On the afternoon of the day Randolph College went live with the new service, it received its first request for an electronic transcript at 3:36 pm. “The transcript was delivered at 3:55 pm that same day!” Thrasher added. “Randolph College is excited to enhance its relationship with the National Student Clearinghouse with the implementation of eTranscripts. The new service has significant benefits for both students and staff,” stated Barbara Thrasher, Registrar.

“eTranscripts was one of the easiest and most seamless services we have ever implemented. Regardless of the time of day, we are able to provide an official electronic transcript to anywhere in the world within minutes of the order — all for less cost to the student than a paper transcript. Not only is electronic transcript delivery more economical for the student, but the reduction of manual paper processing makes it more economical for our institution.”

Lisa Mahan
Registrar, Franklin College

In addition, ninety percent of transcript orders flow through eTranscripts with no manual intervention, freeing staff for other work. Additionally, given that up to half of transcript orders are placed when colleges are closed, electronic transcripts can save an institution an average of $33,000 per year on paper, postage, and personnel costs, based on an annual transcript volume of 25,000.

Ellucian eTranscripts is available at no additional cost to Ellucian support customers that activate the API and participate in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering. The more than 2,400 institutions around the world using an Ellucian ERP system have access to eTranscripts. Institutions can begin activation and start using the system in as little as two weeks.


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