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Beautify Your Transcripts with ETX's New Features

Beautify Your Transcripts with ETX’s New Features

by NSC Blog | Apr 11, 2017 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

Just in time for spring, the National Student Clearinghouse has given our Electronic Transcript Exchange service (ETX) a makeover that will make your PDF transcripts look more beautiful than ever!

If your institution participates in Transcript Ordering AND is an ETX-sending institution, you can send enhanced PDF transcripts through ETX. Want your beautiful watermark front and center? You got it. How about sending that academic grading legend, too? No problem. Your PDF transcripts delivered through our electronic exchange network will look just the way you want them to, stunning and professional.

Beginning May 1, the Clearinghouse will implement the following changes to enhance ETX transcripts.

What’s Changing for ETX-Send?

If you are an ETX-sending institution, you will be able to:

  • Include your watermark and institution name
  • Add a full-color template and additional artwork, provided by your institution. If your institution has already provided us with a template, we can enable it for enhanced ETX sending.

Your institution will need to authorize the ETX-Send enhancements before they can be added to your ETX transcripts.

What’s Changing for ETX-Receive?

ETX-Receive clients will receive transcripts appended with additional documents (i.e., academic legend and cover letter). The attachments will be combined with the transcript into a single PDF for easy access by the recipient.

What’s Changing for Transcript Ordering?

Students and alumni can send additional documents, along with their ETX transcripts. If you participate in Transcript Ordering and already allow attachments to be added to transcripts, you will automatically see ETX requests with attachments included with your other orders. There is no change to the process you use to approve attachments.

If you are an ETX-Send institution and would like to discuss customizing your ETX transcripts, contact your Clearinghouse client management representative.

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