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Here’s our lineup of live webinars for April. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Visit the events calendar of our Clearinghouse Academy page to learn more about our ongoing webinars and other events. You can check out the on-demand webinars and tutorials on Clearinghouse Academy.

Need help identifying the services and webinars available to you?

In the title, most of our webinars have the service line listed before the focus of the webinar so it’s easy for you to identify what’s relevant to your institution or organization. Research and non-service specific web events, except where noted, are open to anyone interested.

Postsecondary institutions (colleges and universities): Enrollment Reporting, Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), Reverse Transfer, StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities, Transcript Services, Verification Services

Secondary institutions (high schools, districts, middle schools): Transcript Center*, StudentTracker for High Schools, DiplomaVerify

*Transcript Center is based on state-level agreements and is currently open to schools in Wyoming and Tennessee.

We don’t currently offer live education to workforce or educational organizations. For on-demand resources, see our self-help site.

If you’re uncertain of the services your organization or institution has signed up for, please reach out to the Regional Relationship Manager or Client Success Manager for your area.

Enrollment Reporting

Missed one of our Enrollment Reporting webinars? Join us for an encore presentation. For anyone who submits scheduled enrollment files or makes online Enrollment Reporting updates to the Clearinghouse, including staff members in the registrar, enrollment services, financial aid, institution compliance, and institutional effectiveness (those who work with title IV student aid compliance) offices of postsecondary institutions.

Enrollment Reporting: Understanding the Submission Schedule (30 minutes)
We’ll cover the process of submitting your file, best practices, and correcting errors and warnings.

Enrollment Reporting: The Lender & NSLDS SSCR Process (30 minutes)
Examine why the Enrollment Reporting schedule exists, how files are processed, and how all of this relates to the NSLDS SSCR reporting process and schedule.

Compliance Reporting: Effectively Report Non-Required Terms for NSLDS Compliance (Summer Reporting) (60 minutes)
Join the Audit Resource Center to learn about important summer non-compulsory term Enrollment Reporting reminders to help you properly report non-compulsory term enrollment to the Clearinghouse and meet federal reporting guidelines.

Enrollment Reporting: The Enrollment File Submission Process (30 minutes)
Join us to learn why the Enrollment Reporting schedule exists, how files are processed, and explore the schedule as it relates to reporting to NSLDS and non-direct lenders.

Clearinghouse Enrollment Reporting Support: NSLDS Errors (60 minutes)
Are you experiencing NSLDS errors for the same error code(s) and students each NSLDS Roster cycle? NSLDS Error Codes 11, 21, 32, 38, 77, 78, and 79 will be featured during this live session. Join us as we walk through these commonly recurring NSLDS error codes and share tips for resolving them once and all!

Enrollment Reporting: Correcting the Error Resolution Report (30 minutes)
Join us as we take a deeper look at error resolution.

Conducting a Compliance Audit Enrollment Reporting (NSLDS) (60 minutes)
Are you seeking an overview of and tips for navigating enrollment reporting questions during a federal financial aid audit? Please join us for Clearinghouse recommendations and a walk-through on managing enrollment reporting compliance questions during an audit.

Postsecondary Data Partnership

Metrics that Matter: A Deeper Dive into the Postsecondary Data Partnership Dashboards (60 minutes)
Delve deeper into the dashboards available via the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP). Learn why these metrics matter and how you can use key questions to maximize critical insights for your institution. For colleges and universities interested or participating in the Postsecondary Data Partnership.

Introduction to the Postsecondary Data Partnership (45 minutes)
Join us to learn how your institution’s participation in the Postsecondary Data Partnership can be used to make transformative data-driven decisions around improving outcomes, increasing student success, and closing equity gaps. For colleges and universities interested or participating in the Postsecondary Data Partnership.


Getting Started with StudentTracker for High Schools (45 minutes)
Are you wondering about the implementation process for StudentTracker for High Schools? Join us to learn the steps to successfully activate the StudentTracker service and tips for submitting your graduate files. For high schools and districts who are interested in or implementing StudentTracker for High Schools.

StudentTracker for High Schools File Submission Open Forum (60 minutes)
This session is like office hours. Drop in any time during the session to ask any question you have about data submission for StudentTracker for High Schools. For high schools and districts participating in StudentTracker for High Schools.


Transcript Services: Third-Party Ordering for Registrars, Batch or API Ordering (30 minutes)
Join us to learn about the soon-to-be-released batch or API ordering feature coming to Third-Party Ordering for Registrars, which allows you to place batch transcript orders on behalf of students. For postsecondary institutions interested in or using Transcript Services.


Furman University Hosts Weekly Learning & Networking Opportunity for Postsecondary Institutional Researchers

ThIRsdays with David Eubanks at Furman University (30 minutes)
David Eubanks, who presented the “Using StudentTracker & IPEDs to Understand Admissions Funnels webinar,” is hosting a weekly 30-minute ThIRsdays session during spring 2022. This is your opportunity to connect weekly with your institutional research colleagues from across the postsecondary community to discuss a useful institutional research task that can be done in R. Join the can be done in R and then schedule time on your calendars for 30 minutes at 3:30 PM, ET every Thursday. Make sure to include Furman University’s Zoom link in your reminder as these are drop-in sessions without registration.

This series is hosted by Furman University and led by David Eubanks. For anyone new to or in an Institutional Research office at a college or university. Read the Statement of Purpose to learn more.