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Here’s our lineup of live webinars for April. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Visit the events calendar of our Clearinghouse Academy page to learn more about our ongoing webinars and other events. You can check out the on-demand webinars and tutorials on Clearinghouse Academy.

Need help identifying the services and webinars available to you?

In the title, most of our webinars have the service line listed before the focus of the webinar so it’s easy for you to identify what’s relevant to your institution or organization. Research and non-service specific web events, except where noted, are open to anyone interested.

Postsecondary institutions (colleges and universities): Enrollment Reporting, Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), Reverse Transfer, StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities, Transcript Services, Verification Services

Secondary institutions (high schools, districts, middle schools): Transcript Center*, StudentTracker for High Schools, DiplomaVerify

*Transcript Center is based on state-level agreements and currently open to schools in Wyoming and Tennessee.

We don’t currently offer live education to workforce or educational organizations. For on-demand resources, see our self-help site.

If you’re uncertain of the services your organization or institution has signed up for, please reach out to the Regional Relationship Manager or Client Success Manager for your area.

Clearinghouse for Colleges & Universities

Understanding the Impacts of the Pandemic on College Enrollment through Research Center Publications (60 minutes)
Over the past year, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has released a variety of reports, from its standard ones, like Completing College, to our new COVID-19 rapid response report series, Stay Informed and Transfer, Mobility, and Progress, that are designed to provide insight into what is happening with in-pandemic higher education enrollment. Join our experts for a look at our recent Research Center reports and hear what’s coming in spring 2021.

Enrollment Reporting

Missed one of our Enrollment Reporting webinars? Join us for an encore presentation. For anyone who submits scheduled enrollment files or makes online Enrollment Reporting updates to the Clearinghouse, including staff members in the registrar, enrollment services, financial aid, institution compliance, and institutional effectiveness (those who work with title IV student aid compliance) offices of postsecondary institutions.

Compliance Cohesion: Collaboration Across Campus (60 minutes)
Explore the importance of ensuring alignment across your campus on key definitions related to federal student aid reporting.

Enrollment Reporting: Reporting Separation Statuses and Graduates Only (30 minutes)
This webinar covers the importance of reporting separation statuses in a timely manner and the different ways to report them. Also covered will be reporting students who continue enrollment at your institution after completing a program.

Enrollment Reporting: G from Degree (30 minutes)
Join our presenters as they shed light on the Clearinghouse’s G from Degree process. Learn the difference between the enrollment and degree databases at the Clearinghouse as well as how G from DegreeVerify files are generated. We’ll also review the G Not Applied list.

Compliance Reporting: Avoiding Common Enrollment Audit Findings (60 minutes)
Hear the common audit pain points related to Enrollment Reporting for student aid compliance and how to avoid them. Join us as we walk through compliance issues identified during a financial aid audit or program review, how to avoid repeat findings, and how to mitigate risk for future audits.

Enrollment Reporting: Understanding the Submission Schedule (30 minutes)
We’ll cover the process of submitting your file, best practices, and correcting errors and warnings.

Spring 2021 Clearinghouse Enrollment Reporting Support (60 minutes)
Join us to learn how the Clearinghouse is supporting your school with the changes for the 2020 CIP Codes update, how to add modules and additional terms to your Enrollment Reporting, how to adjust your Enrollment Reporting schedule in the wake of COVID-19, and more.

Learning and Employment Record & Myhub

Myhub: Student Self-Service Integration (60 minutes)
Join us to explore what’s new in Myhub. Myhub is a centralized and secure online destination where learners can access all their academic records from multiple institutions and more. Several new features have been released, including integration with Student Self-Service. For colleges and universities interested or participating in Myhub.

Postsecondary Data Partnership

Metrics that Matter: A Deeper Dive into the Postsecondary Data Partnership Dashboards (60 minutes)
Delve deeper into the dashboards available via the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP). Learn why these metrics matter and how you can use key questions to maximize critical insights for your institution. For colleges and universities interested or participating in the Postsecondary Data Partnership.

New PDP Subscription Process and How to Fund Your Subscription (30 minutes)
Get an overview of the rollout of the PDP pricing process which includes an amendment to your existing Statement of Work and annual subscription pricing that will start on July 1, 2021. We will talk about billing for individual institutions and state systems. In addition, learn best practices on ways to find funding for subscription fees. For colleges and universities interested or participating in the Postsecondary Data Partnership.


Learn About the Benefits of Our Free Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX) Network (30 minutes)
In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, your Registrar’s office may be splitting it’s time between working in the office and working remotely. Receiving timely documentation and processing is an important part of helping students take the next step in their journey. Have you been looking for ways to receive secure electronic transcripts/documents instead of paper transcripts? Join Smrity Bhattarai to learn how you can use the Clearinghouse’s ETX service to receive exchange documents and participate in our exchange network at no cost.


StudentTracker 3.0 (60 minutes)
Have you heard about StudentTracker 3.0? Join this webinar to learn what’s coming, what’s changing, the timeline, and how you can help. If you are in secondary education, you’ll want to join.

New to StudentTracker for High Schools? (60 minutes)
Are you new to StudentTracker for High Schools or need a refresher on submitting your high school graduate files? If so, join StudentTracker experts to learn about the service and how to submit your high school graduate files. For high schools and districts interested in or using StudentTracker for High Schools.



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