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Already Here and Coming Your Way: Enrollment Reporting Enhancements

by NSC Blog | Aug 23, 2016 | Financial Aid Services |

To help keep pace with continually evolving federal regulations and better support our schools, the Clearinghouse has implemented or is developing the following new Enrollment Reporting features:

  1. Ability for your school to request copies of your Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCR) and view students flagged as errors by NSLDS. If you are interested in receiving these reports, please contact our Audit Resource Center. Available now.
  2. Ability to accept the X status at the program level in order to make corrections to previously reported program-level data errors. Coming fall 2016.
  3. Enhancing the ability to use degree records from our DegreeVerify service to update individual students. Coming fall 2016.
  4. Streamlining the online update process for submitting changes for individual students. Coming winter 2016.
  5. Adding visibility from our secure site into the SSCR process, including guidance for resolving SSCR errors and a portal to submit the associated updates to NSLDS. Coming winter 2016

Stay tuned for additional news regarding these exciting enhancements!

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