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StudentTracker for Outreach Batch Files

All for One, One for All: StudentTracker® for Outreach Batch Files

by NSC Blog | Jan 14, 2016 | Research Services, StudentTracker for Outreach |

Did you know you can search for groups of students simultaneously with batch files, as opposed to looking them all up individually?

Here are some ways batch files can benefit you:

  • You save time! That’s because you can submit multiple student records at one time.
  • Multiple cohorts and search dates can be tracked in a single data file
  • You receive reports in a timely manner, within 5-7 business days
  • Reports are sent in a .csv file, making the information easy to sort and filter
  • Batch files are secure. All data is submitted through a secure FTP account.
  • You can still access student look-up to perform queries on individual students

The reports you receive include:

  • Control report: Overview of your inquiry
  • Aggregate report: Summary of the first schools attended by your students
  • Detailed report: Specific enrollment information and graduation indicators for each student submitted

Make sure you check out our sample report and formatting guide.

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