Why am I getting the error message “Failed to Load PDF document” when I try to view my ePDF transcript?

The “Failed to Load PDF Document” error message indicates that the web browser you are using, Google Chrome, is trying to open the electronic transcript within its own native PDF viewer. Because the transcript is a secured PDF, it must be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Even if Adobe Acrobat Reader is already installed on your computer, if another program (like Chrome) tries to open the file you will get an error message. To ensure that the transcript file opens, please open Adobe Acrobat Reader first, then go to file, select open, locate the transcript in your Downloads folder and open it.

For Windows:

Unless you chose a different location, the transcript file will be saved to the default location: “C:UsersXXX(UserName)Downloads.” First, click the start button. Then, find Adobe Acrobat Reader in the alphabetical list of programs and open it. Go to the file, then open, and then locate the transcript in the Downloads folder (or the location you chose to save the transcript) and open it.

For Macs:

Your transcript file should be saved to your Downloads folder. First, go to your Applications and open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to the file in the top left corner of the screen. Select open, locate the transcript in the Downloads folder, and open it.