Who can request my information?

Generally, Verification Services is for employers or requestors who have been in contact with the student directly about placing a request. Our terms and conditions explicitly state:

Acceptable Purposes for Enrollment or Degree Verifications

In order to be eligible to verify dates of attendance, degrees, and other educational achievements, the following must be true:

  1. The student must have applied for or received products, services, or employment that depends upon verification of degree and/or enrollment status.
  2. The student must have represented the information to be verified for this purpose.

Eligible Requestors for Enrollment or Degree Verifications

In order to be an eligible requestor for enrollment or degree verifications, ONE of the following statements must be true. The Requestor, or the individual or entity on whose behalf the Requestor is acting, is:

  1. An organization providing products or services based on an individual’s status as an enrolled student;
  2. An employer seeking to verify enrollment or degree of an applicant or employee;
  3. A lender, loan servicer, or guaranty agency; or
  4. A school, state or local educational authority.