How do I verify my current enrollment?

There are two ways you can obtain enrollment verifications from us:

  1. If your school participates in Student Self-Service, you can login from your school’s Web site or student portal to obtain an official enrollment certificate and perform other enrollment verification activities at no charge. Check your school’s Web site or contact the registrar’s office to find out if your school participates in our free Student Self-Service.
  2. If your school participates in EnrollmentVerify, you can purchase a verification of your enrollment using any major credit card online now for $2.50. Check “Current Enrollment” under “WHAT would you like to verify?,” then complete and submit the form. Note that current enrollment for new terms is usually provided to the Clearinghouse AFTER the add/drop period. You may contact us to verify if your school has provided the current term.

If your verification is successful, you will be presented with a page providing your current and past enrollment information for the past six months at the school you selected. You will also be able to open, save or print an official Enrollment Verification Certificate, which you can provide to organizations that require proof of your enrollment status.

To verify enrollment prior to six months ago, see “How do I verify my degree and/or past attendance.”