I didn’t receive my transcript. What do I do?

If you or your recipient has not yet received your transcript, check the status of your order to make sure your school has sent your transcript.

  • Go to https://tsorder.studentclearinghouse.org/TrackOrder, enter your order number and email address, then click “View Status.” The current status with date and time stamp will be displayed.
  • To view the full order history, click “View Details” to the right.

If your order was sent regular First Class US Mail, please allow up to 7-10 business days for delivery by the US Postal Service.

If your order status is “Transcript Sent” AND you have allowed enough time for the delivery option you selected, contact the Registrar’s office at your school and ask for a transcript clerk or specialist. Please have your order number available to expedite your request.

Only your school, the official repository of your academic records, can fulfill and send your transcript orders. The Clearinghouse serves as the Web order agent for your school, and in some cases electronically delivers or prints and mails the transcript, but does not process or fulfill transcript orders.