Track Transcript Order Status

You can track your order from the Transcript Order Status application (

1. In the Sign In box, enter your transcript order number and the email address you used to place the order, then click “View Status.”

The confirmation email you received when you submitted your request contains your transcript order number. If you cannot find your confirmation email, please contact us.

2. The current status of your order, with date and timestamp, will display on the main Order Summary screen for each recipient.

3. To see the full order history for each recipient, select the “View Details” button to the right of the current status.

4. To get a receipt, select the “View Order Confirmation” link under your order number.

5. To track another order, select the “Back To Sign In” button at the bottom of the page.

> Order Statuses

Print Pending: Your order has been processed and is waiting to be printed and mailed. You will receive an email confirmation when your transcript is mailed.

Consent Form Received: Once the Clearinghouse receives your consent form, you will receive an email notifying you that your order has been sent to your institution.

Holds: If your school has placed a hold(s) on your transcript order, you will receive an email informing you that your order cannot be processed until the hold(s) is removed. The email will contain instructions provided by your school on how to release the hold(s). The order will be held for up to 30 calendar days of the date the hold was placed on your order. You should check with your school for their specific cancellation policy as its cancellation period may be shorter. If your order is canceled, you will not be charged.

Transcript Sent: Your transcript has been mailed to your recipient. You will receive an email from the Clearinghouse confirming that the transcript has been sent to the recipient(s), as indicated in the order. If you requested delivery via a carrier service, you will receive an email containing the tracking number so you can track delivery of your order on the carrier’s Web site.

Ready for Pickup: Your transcript is ready to be picked up at your institution. Please check your confirmation emails for the location, dates and times you can pick your transcript up.

Electronic Transcript Sent: Your electronic transcript has been sent electronically to your recipient. Your recipient will receive an email notification with instructions on how to retrieve your transcript.

Electronic Transcript Reminders & Expiration Notice: If your recipient has not retrieved your electronic transcript you will be notified via email, so you can contact the recipient and ask them to retrieve it before it expires. Until the transcript is retrieved or expires, you will receive an email reminder on the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 27th day after the secure link is sent to the recipient.

All electronic transcript links expire 30 days after the secure link is emailed to the recipient. You will receive an email when access to your electronic transcript link expires.