Selecting a School

1. Go to to enter the Transcript Ordering Center, where you can enter your school name, or

2. Select “Order a Transcript” from the Order-Track-Verify dropdown menu on the Clearinghouse home page.

3. Start typing your school’s name in the “Enter the school you want to request your transcript from” field. The options from which you can select will be displayed below the field. The “Advanced Keyword Search” option allows you to enter any word in the school’s name to help you find your schools name easier.

If your school’s name does not populate after you have typed the first two characters, or used the Advanced Keyword Search option, please contact your school directly for instructions on ordering a transcript.

4. Select “Continue” to go to the school’s Transcript Ordering Center page.

5. Once you are on the school’s Transcript Ordering Welcome page, select “Order Transcript(s)” to start your transcript order.