I requested my degree, dates of attendance, or current enrollment request, but can’t get back to the results.

If your order has been completed and you submitted your request as a guest user (did not set up an account), then:

Guest user:

  1. Go to degreeverify.org.
  2. Click “Verify Now!”
  3. Click “Find Past Verifications” in the Verification Services menu on the right side.
  4. Enter the email address used for the verification, and the Verification Services Order ID.

    Important: Please leave the Transaction ID field blank.

  5. Click “Submit.”

OR if your order has been completed and you submitted your order as a registered user (created a username), then:

Registered user:

  1. Go to degreeverify.org, click “User Login” in the green utility navigation menu, and log in. (If you have trouble logging in, please click “Forgot your User ID or Password?” under the log in box.) 

  2. On the Verification Services tab, select “Find Past Verifications.”
  3. Search for the transaction or order by using one or more of the following:
    • Transaction ID or Verification Services order ID
    • Status (all, confirmed, pending-school research, pending-awaiting consent, and unable to confirm)
    • Type (all, degree, dates of attendance, current enrollment, or professional certificate) and/or date requested (to/from).
  4. Click “Submit.”