Frequently Asked Questions

> Order Payment/Transaction

How much does it cost to order a transcript?

The total cost of a transcript varies and is determined by several factors:

  • Fee the school charges for the transcript itself
  • Surcharge for expediting transcript delivery (e.g., electronic delivery, overnight delivery, rush processing, etc.)
  • Quantity of transcripts ordered

In addition, there may be a small processing fee charged for each recipient in your order. The costs will be presented before you checkout and finalize the transaction.

What do I do if I do not have a credit or debit card?

If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can use a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card to place your order. To ensure a successful transaction, make sure the amount available on the gift card is equal to or greater than the amount you estimate your transcript order will cost.

The Clearinghouse does NOT accept checks or money orders for transcript requests. If you sent a check or money order, it will be returned to you and your transcript order will be delayed.

I only placed one transcript order, why was my credit or debit card charged more than once?

A temporary hold for the amount of the order (also known as a pre-authorization or pending charge) is placed against your card each time you submit a transcript request. Multiple holds on a credit card account can result from selecting the “Submit” button more than once during a single transaction.

As long as a hold remains on your card, the funds are unavailable until the transaction is cleared or the hold “drops off.” It can take 7 to 30 days for the hold to “drop off,” depending on the issuing bank. If a hold(s) causes you to exceed the credit limit of your card, your bank may assess overdraft fees. The National Student Clearinghouse is not responsible for any overdraft fees that result from multiple submissions placed for a single transaction. Regardless of the number of holds created for a single order, your credit card will only be charged once after your order has been completed. If your order is canceled, you will not be charged for the request.

Do you have a refund policy?

Refunds are at the discretion of your institution. To request a refund, contact your school directly.

IMPORTANT: National Student Clearinghouse fees or the fees associated with electronic transcripts cannot be refunded.

Do I have to complete the “Attention” field when I enter the recipient’s address information?

If you are requesting that a transcript be sent to anyone other than yourself, we recommend that you complete the “Attention” field. The delivery of transcripts sent to a business, organization, or corporation can be delayed if you do not provide the name of the specific recipient.  An “Attention” name is required for overnight and express orders.

Is my transaction secure?

Yes. All transactions meet the current Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). In addition, the information sent over the Internet, when using Clearinghouse applications, is encrypted using the latest Transport Layer Security / Secure Socket Layer (TLS/SSL) protocols.

How do I find my transcript order number?

On the Order Confirmation at the end of the request the order number is shown. Also, the confirmation email you received when you submitted your request contains your transcript order number. If you don’t recall receiving the email, check your spam or junk folder. If you cannot find your confirmation email, contact us.

Why was my credit card declined, when I know that the funds are available?

Credit card vendors have their own criteria that must be met for a transaction to be processed. The three main reasons credit card transactions are declined are 1) the funds are unavailable, 2) incorrect security code, or 3) billing address does not match. Please contact your credit card vendor to see why the transaction was declined.


> Order Process

Can I edit my order?

Yes, but only under the following conditions:

  1. You can edit your order up through the “Checkout” page, if you have not yet submitted it.
  2. You can cancel a submitted order only if you have not returned your consent form.

Do not write changes to your transcript request on the consent form. This will not prompt any changes to your order.

Do orders ever expire or are they ever automatically canceled?

Yes. Orders are automatically canceled if one of the following conditions applies:

  • Your school requires a consent form and you have not returned it to us within 30 calendar days. To find out how much time is left on submitting your consent form go to the “Transcript Order Status” application.
  • Your school has placed a hold on your transcript order that has not been resolved or removed. The order will be held for up to 30 calendar days of the date the hold was placed on your order. You should check with your school for their specific cancellation policy as its cancellation period may be shorter. If your school has placed a hold on your transcript order, you will receive an email informing you that your order cannot be processed until the hold is removed. The email will contain instructions provided by your school on how to resolve and release the hold.

If your order is canceled, you will not be charged.

How can I cancel my order?

If you have already returned your consent form, contact your school’s registrar office to request that the school cancel your order. The Clearinghouse CANNOT cancel your order. If you do not see the “Cancel” option on the Order Summary page in Transcript Order Status, you can no longer cancel this order.

To cancel your order, on the “Transcript Order Status” application, enter your transcript order number and email address, then select “View Status.” On the Order Summary page, click the “Cancel Order” button in the notification area at the top or next to the recipient status.

Who fulfills and sends my order?

Your school is the repository of your academic records and, therefore, is the only entity that can fulfill and send your transcript order(s). The Clearinghouse serves as the web order management agent for your school and, in some cases, has been requested to electronically deliver or print and mail transcripts.

What is the status of my order? Has it been sent?

To check the status of your order, on the “Transcript Order Status” application, enter your order number and email address, then select “View Status”. The transcript order number is displayed on your order confirmation page and all emails associated with your order. You will automatically receive email updates whenever the status of your order changes. If you signed up for mobile text alerts during the ordering process, you will also get instant notification by phone.

What is the “Print Pending” order status?

If your school participates in our secure print-to-mail service, NSC SecurePrint℠, it will send your transcript to the National Student Clearinghouse to be printed and mailed. NSC SecurePrint orders are prepared for printing at 10:00 am ET, 1 pm ET and 4:00 pm ET each day. When an order is prepared for printing, the order status is updated to “Print Pending.” Orders cannot be changed or canceled while in the “Print Pending” status. When the order is mailed, the order status is updated to “Transcript Sent.”

The order status is viewable on the Clearinghouse’s secure “Transcript Order Status” application.

Can I request that my order be rushed?

Delivery and processing options vary by school. However, a number of schools offer one or more rush options for which an additional fee may apply. If rush delivery or processing is available, it will appear as an option (along with the fee) in the Delivery Information section on the page where you enter delivery details. A description of the selected delivery method will display below your selection in the School’s Terms and Conditions section.

How long will it take for my transcript to reach my recipient?

Delivery time is dependent on four factors:

  1. It is recommended you complete your consent form immediately. If provided the option to complete electronically, and this option is chosen, your order will be immediately sent to your institution to be processed. If this option is not available, or not chosen, you will be required to submit a paper consent form. Your order CANNOT be processed until we receive your signed form. You will be provided with complete instructions during the ordering process.
  2. After your paper consent form is processed during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm, ET), your order will be forwarded to your school for fulfillment.
  3. How quickly your school fulfills your transcript You can check the status of your order in the “Transcript Order Status” application, enter the transcript order number and your email address, then select ‘View Status’. Also, you automatically receive an email when your school has sent your transcript(s).
  4. The type of delivery option you select (e.g., mail, electronic, etc.). Delivery options vary from school to school; not all schools offer all delivery options. Please note that neither the school nor the Clearinghouse can be responsible for US Postal Service standard delivery times or delays.

My transcript hasn’t been received yet, what should I do?

  1. Check the status of your order to make sure your school sent it.
  2. Allow enough time based on the delivery option you selected.
  3. If your order status is displaying as “Transcript Sent” or “Electronic Transcript Sent” AND you have allowed enough time for delivery, ensure the recipient information is correct, then contact your school.

Can I receive order status via text alerts?

Yes. To sign up for text alerts, be sure to select this notification option during the ordering process in the Contact Information section. You will need to answer ‘Yes’ to the opt-in question that starts with “To receive NSC Msg updates to this phone number…”.

There is a hold on my transcript order, what should I do?

If your school has placed a hold on your transcript order, you will receive an email informing you that your order cannot be processed until the hold is removed. The email will contain instructions provided by your school on how to release the hold. The order can be held for up to 30 calendar days from the date the hold was placed on your order. You should check with your school for their specific cancellation policy as its cancellation period may be shorter than 30 calendar days. If your order is canceled, you will not be charged.

If your transcript order status still shows a hold that you believe has been released, you should contact your school’s Registrar’s Office and ask to speak to a transcript clerk or specialist.

The address I entered is being verified as invalid, but I know the address is correct. What should I do?

In most cases, if you know the address you entered is correct, you can move forward with the “Entered Address” by selecting ‘Yes’ to the acknowledge invalid address question. If you select the “Entered Address” option and are unable to move forward because the address is unavailable, you will be required to either change your delivery method or edit the address to an updated recipient address. Please read the instructions in the pop-up box on the Provide Delivery Information page for more information. The address you enter for the recipient is matched against the United States Postal Service Change of Address service.

Can I order my transcript now, but request that it be sent after my grades are posted or degree is awarded?

Yes, if your school offers one or both of these processing options. Select “After Degree Is Awarded” or “After Grades Are Posted” from the processing option or “Which transcript do you want sent?” dropdown menu when you are ordering.

The online order form is asking me for my Social Security number, but I don’t have one or do not wish to provide it, what do I do?

All required fields on the transcript order must be completed. If your school requires your Social Security number and you do not have one or do not want to provide it, please contact a transcript clerk at your school’s registrar office for assistance.

What do I do if I am stuck on the online order form because the “Continue” button is grayed out?

All fields on the order form are required unless they are specifically marked as “optional.” Please review the page you are on and make sure you have filled out all required fields. Once you’ve completed all the required fields, the “Continue” button will turn green.

I received an error message saying my personal information was unable to be found by my school, what do I do?

Review the personal information you entered. If it is incorrect, you can select “Yes” to edit your personal information. If the information is correct, you can select “No” to continue or “Cancel Order” to terminate the ordering process.

What do I do if I received an error during my order saying I have a hold on my record?

Your hold will be displayed on the screen with information on how to clear it. You may be given the option to “proceed with holds.” If so, you can select “Yes” in response to the verification statement, then select “Continue” to move forward with the order. If you cannot proceed with your order because of holds, select “Cancel Order.”

Why doesn’t the name of the recipient school come up when I search on the online order form?

If your recipient school is unavailable, please select “Not in list.” This will allow you to manually enter the name of the school where you are requesting to have your transcript sent.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that the owners of educational information give their consent before their information is released. Your hand or electronically signed and dated consent form shows that you have authorized your transcript to be released.

Please see the instructions on the page to learn how to sign on different devices.

Go to the “Transcript Order Status” application, enter your order number and email address, then click “View Status.” If the consent form for your order is still outstanding, you will see a link to print a copy of your form. If your school allows a paperless consent form option, you will also see a link to sign a paperless consent form.

The reminder emails we send you include a link to the Transcript Order Status page, where you can sign and submit your consent form.

If your school offers it, you can submit a paperless consent form.

If your school does not offer the paperless consent form option AND you are unable to print your consent form, you can send us a single page letter with the information in the sample below.

<insert the date>

I authorize <school name> to release my official transcript to the individuals and/or organizations referenced in order number <insert the transaction order number provided on the order confirmation page and in the order confirmation email sent to you after you submit your order>.

The information contained in this transmission may contain privileged and confidential information. It is intended only for the use of the person named below and the National Student Clearinghouse. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution, or duplication of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies of the original message.

<print your name>
<sign your name by hand>


You should return your authorization to us in one of the following ways within 30 calendar days*:

  • Scan or take a picture of it and email it to: (photo attachment must be a GIF, JPEG, BMP, or TIFF). Please email the photo attachment from the same email address listed on your transcript request,
  • Mail it to: National Student Clearinghouse, ATTN: Transcripts, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 220, Herndon, VA 20171, or
  • Fax it to: 1-703-742-4238 (Remember to dial 1-703 first).

*Orders for which the consent forms have not been received by the Clearinghouse within 30 calendar days are automatically canceled. If your order is canceled, you will not be charged.

  • Scan or take a picture of it and email it to: (photo attachment must be a GIF, JPEG, BMP, or TIFF). Please email the photo attachment from the same email address listed on your transcript request,
  • Mail it to: National Student Clearinghouse, ATTN: Transcripts, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 220, Herndon, VA 20171, or
  • Fax it to: 1-703-742-4238 (Remember to dial 1-703 first).

Once we receive your consent form, we will notify you by email. You can also check the status of your order online, including consent order form receipt, on the “Transcript Order Status” application. Enter your transcript order number and the email address you used to place your order with, then select “View Status.

  • If you submitted a paperless consent form, we will send you an email confirmation to confirm receipt of your consent form shortly after the form is submitted.
  • If you submitted a paper consent form, we will send you an email confirmation to confirm receipt of your consent form during normal business hours (M-F, 9 AM-5 PM, ET).
  • If the National Student Clearinghouse office is closed unexpectedly — due to the weather, for example — there may be a delay in processing consent forms.

Please do not call to ask if we have received your consent form. We will not confirm receipt of consent forms over the telephone.


> Electronic Transcripts

How do I open an electronic transcript that has been sent to me?

To view your transcript, you must have the correct version of Adobe Reader (see the required software and versions on our System Requirements page). Please install the required version of Adobe Reader before you attempt to open your electronic transcript. To download the free version of Adobe Reader, visit

1. Open the two emails you received from the National Student Clearinghouse, which provide instructions for accessing your electronic transcript. One email contains the link to access the Transcript Download Center and the second email contains the Access Code you need to log in.

2. Select the link in the “Transcript Link” email. This link will direct you to the Transcript Download Center where you will be prompted to enter your email address and the Access Code. The Access Code can be found in the “Transcript Access Code” email. Select “Submit” to access the transcript.

3. You will have the option to save and open the transcript. Refer to the Browser Support & Viewing PDF Transcripts page for information specific to each browser’s behavior. Once you open the file, you will see your transcript.

4. When any additional documents are sent with the transcript, they will be displayed on the left side (or accessed using the paperclip icon).

How long can I access the electronic transcript?

The length of time that you’re allowed to access an electronic transcript sent through the Clearinghouse’s Transcript Ordering service will vary from institution to institution. If you look under the Security Settings (see the signature icon on left margin of the transcript ePortfolio), you can find out if the electronic transcript has an institution-specific expiration policy. If no document control options are applied by the issuing institution, a local copy of the transcript can be saved indefinitely. The emailed download link is only available for 30 days from the date on the email.

Is it possible to attach a job or scholarship application to my transcript request?

If your school offers the additional attachment option, you will be offered the opportunity to attach up to three additional documents (such as a job or scholarship application) during the order, which will be included with your electronic transcript whether it is sent to you or directly to the organization. To do so, you must attach these documents at the time of the online transcript request. Please note, if your school participates in our secure print-to-mail service, NSC SecurePrint℠, all attachments will be printed on 8½” by 11” paper, including larger attachments. Although efforts will be made to adjust sizes to accommodate larger attachments, we cannot guarantee the entire page will print because the printer only uses 8½” by 11” paper. If you would like to attach something larger than 8½” by 11”, we recommend you reduce it so it will print in full on 8½” by 11” paper before you attach it to your transcript request.

Can I get a refund if the recipient never opened the electronic transcript?

No. You will not receive a refund if the transcript recipient does not open or cannot open the electronic transcript. After submitting an order, you will receive automatic email notifications when the electronic transcript is delivered and when it remains unopened. If you receive one or more emails stating that the recipient still hasn’t opened the electronic transcript, be sure to remind him or her to do so before it expires. It is also advisable that you check with the recipient prior to submitting the request.

What if the contents of my electronic transcript are incorrect?

If the content of your electronic transcript is incorrect or incomplete, you should contact the Registrar’s office at your school.

Why can’t I print the electronic transcript?

The institution that provided the transcript has probably disabled the print option. If you look under the Security Settings (select the signature icon on the left side of the transcript ePortfolio), you can find out if printing is permitted as well as the expiration date, and more.

Why does it say the transcript has expired?

The transcript link sent in the email is only accessible for 30 days from the date the transcript was originally sent. If you were not able to save a copy locally, you will need to have the student order another transcript for you.

If you saved the document locally and cannot access the transcript, the issuing organization may have added additional control features. These control features are displayed in the transcript link email and also on our Transcript Download Center. Please contact the student and have them order a new transcript.

Why won’t my electronic transcript upload to an online application?

The electronic PDF transcript is meant to act as an official transcript when sent directly to the intended recipient. With this in mind, the schools may include security settings on the file. Security settings, which vary from school to school, may keep the file from uploading to an online application. Security settings cannot be removed or edited.

Can I open my electronic transcript on my mobile device?

No, you cannot open the transcript on a mobile phone or device. You will need a laptop or desktop computer running Windows or macOS that has Adobe Reader installed.

Why don’t I see any electronic transcript options in the delivery methods when I order?

Not all schools offer an electronic delivery option. If it is unavailable on the delivery method dropdown of your school’s transcript order form, the option is not offered.

Where do I find the transcript key or legend for my electronic transcript?

The transcript key should be included on the file as an attachment. You can open the Attachments panel in Adobe Reader by choosing View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments.


> Other

Can I request that my school send my LSAC, AMCAS or CAS admissions form with my transcript?

Yes, some schools allow you to send your admissions forms to LSAC, AMCAS or a Liaison CAS through our service. Please have the account number or form provided to you by the organization ready when you are ordering. For other admissions agencies, you may have the opportunity to upload the admission document when ordering. Please refer to your school’s instructions to see if they participate in these services.

I received my transcript, but it was incomplete or wrong. What should I do?

Your transcript was generated by your school. If the document is incomplete or wrong when it arrives, you should contact the Office of the Registrar at your school.

What browsers do you support?

A list of the browsers that the Clearinghouse supports is available on our System Requirements page (beta versions of browsers are not supported). You will also find the version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat required to open PDF transcripts delivered via Transcript Ordering. The latest version of the free Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash can be downloaded from the Adobe Web site.

How do I clear my Web browser’s cache, cookies, and history?

If you have unsuccessfully tried several times to open a Transcript Ordering Web link, the problem could be with your Web browser’s cache and/or cookies. Each time you access a file online, your Web browser automatically caches (or stores) the file as well as creates cookies to store user-specific information, including selections in a form or authentication data. As a result, you may have issues properly accessing the Web page you need. For instance, when you click the Back or Forward button, you are moving back one entry in the history log.

In order to make sure that you are correctly viewing the online file, you should periodically clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history. This will help your Web browser function efficiently. Please read the full step-by-step instructions for a variety of Web browsers under the Troubleshooting: Browser Support & Viewing PDF Transcripts topic on the Troubleshooting page.

I got a “Failed to Load” error message. What do I do?

Adobe Reader will need to be set as the default PDF viewer or you can open the transcript pdf file directly from Adobe Reader.

  1. Open the Adobe Reader program (from the start menu if you are on a PC and from your applications if you are on a Mac).
  2. Go up to the File menu in the left-hand corner of the Adobe window and down to Open. An additional box should open.
  3. Locate the transcript PDF file. If you do not see it, look in your Downloads folder. Then click the Open button.

You should be able to view your transcript.

Do you provide unofficial transcripts?

Please visit your school’s website for instructions on ordering unofficial transcripts.

My school has closed. Can you provide a copy of my transcript?

If your school has arranged for their transcripts to be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse, you will be able to place an order through the Transcript Ordering Center. Otherwise, you will need to find out if your school has designated another school or entity as their custodian of records and contact them about ordering a transcript. You can also try reaching out to the Department of Education in the state where your school was located or the organization that provided the school’s accreditation for more information.

I no longer want to receive text message updates from the National Student Clearinghouse, how can I stop them?

You can reply with “STOP” to stop receiving text message updates.