Entering Payment Information

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information once you have completed and reviewed the transcript order.

Transcript Ordering accepts all major credit cards. All transactions meet international PCI compliance standards for data security.

The fee for your transcript order is displayed before you check out and complete your order.

1. Pay with your credit card.

  • Your information will be secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the leading security protocol on the internet. Information is encrypted for your protection.
  • Transcript Ordering’s secure payment provider is First Data Corporation. You can view more information about First Data by clicking on the link below the billing address on the payment page.

2. Enter the cardholder’s name; credit card number, expiration date, and security code; and the cardholder’s billing address.

3. Select “Submit Order.”

4. If there is a typo or an issue with the card, a message will be displayed indicating that you can make one more attempt in the existing order to enter valid information.

5. After a second failed attempt, you will be prompted to start a new order or exit the session.

6. If your payment was successfully submitted for processing, you will be taken to a confirmation page of your transaction and receive an email, which includes the order number.

7. Your credit card will not be charged until the transcript(s) is sent. The charge for your transcript will appear on your credit card statement as “Online Transcript Service.” However, a hold for the amount of the order (also known as a pre-authorization or pending charge) is placed against your credit card each time you submit a transcript request. The pre-authorization is determined by your bank. Please contact your bank with any questions on the pre-authorization.