I received a degree. Why wasn’t I able to verify it?

Most requests are confirmed instantly. When a degree isn’t verified, it’s usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your degree is new. It can take several weeks after a degree has been awarded before new degrees are posted and available for verification. If you submit a request to verify your degree BEFORE it is posted by your school, you will most likely not get an immediate confirmation. Instead, your request will be in a pending status at the school — waiting for completion. As soon as the school completes your order, you will receive a “Thank you for your order” email.
  • You submitted incorrect information and/or selected the wrong school. Check your information and submit your request with the corrected information. If your order is still pending at the school, please contact us to cancel your order prior to resubmitting.
  • Your record has a hold or privacy block on it. Contact your school to find out how to have the hold or privacy block removed so your degree can be released for verification.