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The Clearinghouse is focusing on improving and expanding our infrastructure and capabilities so that we can use our data in new and deeper ways for the benefit of the education and workforce communities.

Making a Difference in a Year Like No Other

COVID-19 had a dramatic influence on the higher education community.

The Clearinghouse rose to meet the moment and made a real difference in the education and workforce communities when they needed it most.

As the pandemic progressed, we:

  • Transitioned our entire operations online with no service interruptions
  • Developed COVID-19-related outreach, support, and communications for our clients
  • Virtually hosted nearly 180 webinars, including several thought leadership events, throughout the pandemic that were attended by more than 8,400 education leaders

  • Launched a community contribution program with corporate and staff donations to Women Giving Back, which provides support for women and children in crisis, and Jobs for Virginia Graduates (JVG), which through 44 sites across Virginia helps students of great promise acquire the skills to move them toward high school graduation and improve their school-to-work transition

Providing crucial information as COVID-19 took hold

As the crisis unfolded, our Research Center played a key role in keeping the education community informed about COVID-19’s impact. Recognizing the urgency of COVID-19’s impact on learners and institutions, our Research Center disseminated rapid-response reporting on how the pandemic is changing enrollment, persistence, mobility, and outcomes across higher education and who are the most vulnerable learner populations.


Continuing to conduct industry-leading research

Our Research Center has also continued to publish its full slate of yearly and quarterly reports. Education leaders nationwide depend on these reports to better adapt and plan on how to deliver educational opportunities for learners they serve, particularly the most vulnerable learner populations. Our reports include:

Educational institutions and organizations nationwide depend on Clearinghouse data to help them improve the lives of learners. Read our case studies to find out how learners are benefitting.

Screen capture of National Student Clearinghouse Research Center home page showing different reports available

Understanding education attainment gaps through custom research

The Research Center undertakes custom research projects for educational institutions, leading foundations, state and federal government agencies, and other organizations seeking to learn the educational patterns and outcomes of the cohorts they study using our unique data resources. Our work helps them connect the dots in ways that ultimately improve learner outcomes, such as:

  • Enrollment, persistence, and mobility patterns and their relation to college completion
  • Influence of outside programs on college attendance and completion
  • Student performance measured against the national benchmarks or other established metrics

Other Ways We are Making an Impact

Verifying high school diplomas saves schools time and enables students to secure jobs faster

Through DiplomaVerify, we are providing immediate, consent-based online verifications of high school diplomas on behalf of high schools, districts, and consortia to employers and background screeners. Our high school diploma verifications can save time-strapped school personnel an estimated 25 minutes per verification — and make it easier for students to prove they’re qualified for jobs and educational programs.

  • Nearly 860 schools enrolling over 1.9 million students can now provide their graduates with instant verification of their diplomas, so they can more quickly qualify for employment, military service, or acceptance into an educational program.

  • Counselors and other school staff members at nearly 150 school districts, consortia, and high schools have been relieved of time-consuming diploma verification and can focus on other priorities.
  • High school graduates across 33 states can qualify for jobs faster, ensuring that they won’t miss out on job offers due to delays beyond their control.

Launching a fully integrated portal that supports learner mobility

Myhub was created to be the best skills gap and attainment gap closing engine. It combines the trusted, secure, and validated postsecondary data we process with actionable services and applications from the Clearinghouse and our education industry partners — all through a single portal. Our goal, through Myhub, is to inform, support, enhance, and facilitate lifelong learners’ progression and success throughout their educational and workplace journeys. With Myhub, learners can present a more complete picture of their achievements, while planning for the next steps in their careers.

The Myhub platform launched in November 2019 following a successful pilot with Johns Hopkins University, and today it is widely available to higher education institutions across the country. In fact, Myhub is now active or being implemented by colleges and universities in 19 states. Current features focus on expanding self-service capabilities for students to increase the institution’s impact amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Promoting student early momentum — a leading indicator for successful outcomes

The Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) helps institutions understand, communicate, and improve learner outcomes with more comprehensive data, easier analysis, centralized reporting functions, and better visual representations. As the only comprehensive and trusted and secure source for validated nationwide postsecondary outcomes, the Clearinghouse is uniquely positioned to provide access to richer insights that help schools advance learner success and close equity gaps. In 2020, the Clearinghouse released new PDP benchmarking dashboards to help institutions understand how their outcomes compare to those of peer institutions nationwide.

  • 551 institutions, including 14 state systems, can now tell their stories with interactive dashboards, powerful filtering tools, and compelling visualizations of trends and outcomes.
  • Institutions and state systems serving 5.2 million students save time and resources with simplified reporting to 23 third-party education organizations.
  • Colleges and universities nationwide can create more meaningful comparisons by giving them access to benchmarking data from peer institutions in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand dashboard format.

Incorporating industry credentials to enrich student enrollment and degree data

Each year, U.S. adults earn millions of certifications, awarded by more than 500,000 nonacademic organizations. The impact of these industry credentials on employment and earnings is mostly unknown — and their relationship with traditional education credentials is uncertain. To help close this information gap, the Clearinghouse is partnering with Workcred to link certification data from participating certification bodies with higher education enrollment and degree data and wage and employment data. We are also working on a landmark pilot research study through our partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)/Manufacturing Institute.

Industry credential attainment data from NAM’s members, like the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council and National Institute of Metalworking Skills are matched to and incorporated with the enrollment and degree information that the Clearinghouse collects. Then, we send the data to the U.S. Census Bureau to produce preliminary aggregate labor market outcomes for certificants in manufacturing. We will continue this pilot with the Census Bureau throughout 2021 and are working to bring more industries onboard. Read the exciting preliminary results in our white paper.

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