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Helping your students succeed means providing them with every advantage you can. DiplomaVerifySM is the free and easy way to help your high school graduates qualify for jobs faster.

What Is DiplomaVerify?

DiplomaVerifySM is a free service from the National Student Clearinghouse that lets your district or high school completely automate your diploma verifications. It enables immediate consent-based digital verifications of your high school graduates’ diplomas, so your students won’t miss out on job offers due to delays beyond their control. Employers and background screening firms, who have student authorization, can securely verify your graduates’ diplomas online, 24/7 — even when your office is closed.

How DiplomaVerify Benefits Both You AND Your Students

  • Automates all your diploma verifications at no cost to you!
  • Protects your students’ diplomas via its secure, consent-based verifications
  • Helps your graduates qualify for jobs faster
  • Improves office productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces counselors’ workload, freeing them to work with students
  • Decreases the expenses associated with diploma verification
  • Reduces credentials fraud

DiplomaVerify Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you use StudentTracker® for High Schools, DiplomaVerify is even easier because it uses the same data you already report to the Clearinghouse.

High Schools & Districts, Get Started with DiplomaVerify Today!

As the nation’s trusted source for education verifications, the Clearinghouse performs more than 20 million verifications each year for colleges and universities across the U.S. Now, through DiplomaVerify, the Clearinghouse is providing the same time- and money-saving convenience to districts and high schools. If you work for a high school or district and would like a demo or to learn more, please submit the form below.*  

If you are a student or alumni, you must contact your high school directly to obtain your diploma. Visit for help with a college transcript or college enrollment/degree verification order. We cannot reply to your request directly.

Fill out my online form.

*DiplomaVerify is not available in KY, NH, or NY at this time.