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Postsecondary Data Partnership

The Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) is a transformative tool that makes it simple for higher education institutions to measure, assess, and share their student success data with your education organization. With the PDP’s deep, accurate data, you can collaborate with your institutions to advance student success and equity and synthesize the outcomes of your network institutions.

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The Power of the PDP

Why Join the PDP?

The PDP will help your education organization:

  • Achieve shared goals. The PDP enables collaboration between education organizations and institutions so you can gauge how students are doing and implement policy changes that help ensure student success, advance equity, and further the mission of your organization.   
  • Easily access insights. With the PDP, you have access to participating institutions’ data  available in one central location and presented through clear data visualizations. With this deep data set at your fingertips, your organization can benchmark results, obtain meaningful metrics, compare outcomes by institution or initiative, and, ultimately, work with institutions to implement policy changes that help all students succeed. 
  • Reduce administrative burden. The PDP is an affordable tool that relieves your staff of the need to develop and maintain data collection and reporting processes, while ensuring a consistent data set across institutions, states, regions, and the country. 
  • Increase participation in your initiatives. The PDP’s easier reporting for institutions promotes greater participation in your organization. Institutions already participating in the PDP will be more likely to join your organization’s initiatives because they won’t need to submit an additional data set. 
  • Be a part of the movement transforming how the education community measures success. Join the institutions and organizations accurately measuring institutional performance data to drive decisions that help all students succeed and close equity gaps. 

The PDP Gives You:

  • Interactive dashboards that empower you to easily measure outcomes.
  • Powerful filtering tools for your participating institutions’ deep, disaggregated data to enable comprehensive assessment of student outcomes by age, cohort, cohort term, first-generation-student status, gender, GPA, race, and more.
  • Subgroup gap analysis. Easily explore differences in academic progress and outcomes between multiple small populations of students.
  • National benchmarking reports to help understand the national trends in post-secondary education with reports utilizing the power of PDP data and metrics.

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PDP Data-Driven Insights

Find indicators of student progress to facilitate early intervention, year-on-year data to measure your institution’s growth, and benchmarking data to help you compare your institution with its peers.

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The PDP continually adapts to education needs, staying up to date on the metrics that institutions need for comprehensive evaluation of their student bodies.

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