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The DEI Data Lab is a collaborative effort — the collective impact of data-driven insights grows by amplifying what works. Join our growing list of engaged participants to share best practices and form problem-solving partnerships to achieve greater equity in education.

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Join the Postsecondary Data Partnership 

Transform the way your institution measures and tracks student progress so that every student can thrive. The Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) empowers you with more comprehensive data and easier analysis to let you measure, understand, and improve student outcomes and equity. Our data sets include early momentum indicators that enable you to identify students who need help, the policies that can benefit them, and the policies that may be barriers to their success, so you can implement solutions. 

Request a Custom Report 

Do you have a specific equity-related question or issue that you’d like to explore? The National Student Clearinghouse conducts customized research projects to help individuals and organizations uncover new insights based on education data. 

Past research requests have explored topics such as: 

  • The influence of outside programs on college attendance and completion patterns. 
  • Student transfer and mobility patterns for student subgroups or institutions. 
  • Enrollment patterns and their relationship to college completion for student subgroups.