Whenever your institution contacts the Audit Resource Center, we work diligently to address your compliance questions in the most comprehensive fashion free of charge. Our team consistently strives to act as a knowledgeable resource for the compliance and audit-related inquiries directed to us. Our purpose is to serve our school clientele by offering support regarding reporting requirements. We also help you understand how to apply the requirements that specifically pertain to your institution.

When we receive your initial request for assistance, we consult our system to ensure you are listed on your institution’s contact list. Once we confirm you are an authorized contact, we can assist you with your specific questions. If you are not listed on the school’s contact list, we can assist with general questions. However, we cannot discuss school- or student-specific information. The Clearinghouse User Administrator at your institution can add individuals to your contact list.

Researching Your Inquiry

As part of our research, and to confirm we have a solid understanding of your inquiry, we may ask questions to clarify details so we can research or analyze specific processes. We then collaborate internally and, if needed, with you and your colleagues from the same or multiple departments within your institution to make sure we have thoroughly researched your inquiry.

Our Response to Your Inquiry

Once we have exhausted all avenues to ensure we provide you with the best information, we discuss our findings with you and offer continued support as, historically, reporting requirements can change. We also provide you with links to federal reporting requirements and ED guidance, when needed. The Audit Resource Center operates with an understanding that the compliance reporting process is continually evolving. We stand ready to be available to you as a resource for and supporter of compliant enrollment reporting.

When Are Our Audit Resource Center’s Services Available to You?

Year round!  We are available before, during, and after an onsite audit is conducted, as well as throughout the year, to answer all your compliance reporting questions. In addition, you can access our online Resources any time.


Three Ways to Contact Us

  1. By phone at 703.742.4200
  2. By email at auditresource@studentclearinghouse.org
  3. Use our Contact Us form