This is an important follow up to our June 2018 communications regarding recent FSA changes to the manner in which data is ingested through the NSLDS Enrollment Roster response process. On June 17, 2018, FSA expanded the manner in which the data is ingested for Error Code 75 (EC75) to include incomplete bundles caused by active programs sent on the roster not being reported in the response file.

The Clearinghouse is developing functionality to automatically address and eliminate much of the existing EC75 volume schools are experiencing, which we anticipate deploying in October. In the interim, we wanted to share actions you should take to manage NSLDS Roster Errors now and moving forward.

How to Prevent Error Code 75s 

  • Report Program Information Consistently. The manner in which student records, including program lengths, are reported to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) and the Clearinghouse should be identical. Reporting program lengths differently can result in an NSLDS Error Code 75. Please ensure consistency in reporting between your financial aid and registrar offices.
  • Changes to Program Lengths. Several institutions have made us aware that they have been contacted by NSLDS and advised to make changes to program lengths. Please note: NSLDS guidance requires that your institution report program lengths in the same format in which they are published.
  • Resolving discrepancies between NSLDS and the Clearinghouse. If while reviewing EC75s, you find the program information in NSLDS is correct, but there are errors in what you previously reported to the Clearinghouse, you will need to submit an Online Update through our secure site to reflect the corrected information. This includes closing out inaccurate program information with a “Never Attended” status and re-reporting the student with the correct campus and program-level data.

For additional information on why these errors occur and how to correct them, please watch our “SSCR Error Code 75 Correction” tutorial. FSA has also suggested schools consult its Electronic Announcement #22 for guidance on correcting errors to program-level data. Stay tuned for updates on our new EC75 solution

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or