The Clearinghouse would like to share an update on the issue of the missing National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Enrollment Rosters/Student Status Confirmation Report (SSCR), which we wrote about last month.

Since we identified this issue, the Clearinghouse has been working closely with NSLDS and Federal Student Aid (FSA) on a resolution and to determine why the rosters for certain institutions and locations codes were not created.

At this time, we know the following about the October 2017 NSLDS SSCRs:

NSLDS did not create SSCRs for…

  • Several hundred institutions because the institutions have been granted a natural disaster waiver due to one of the recent hurricanes. (NOTE: Not all institutions may be aware that they received a waiver. If you suspect that you may have been granted a waiver, but have not received official notification, please contact the NSLDS at 800.999.8219 and select option 4 to confirm your status.)
  • Locations if no students are reported as currently enrolled by the institution. In September 2017, the SSCR responses for these institutions informed the NSLDS that no students attended these locations. Therefore, the NSLDS did not create SSCRs for these locations.
  • Institutions or locations that they consider to be closed.

Additionally, 103 SSCRs for approximately 50 institutions were not able to be processed because they were received in an incorrect file format and the Clearinghouse was unable to read them. After informing FSA and NSLDS of this issue, the NSLDS created replacement rosters for all the impacted institutions. We have received and processed the replacement rosters, which provided updates to the loan servicing community. Since these files created by NSLDS were not in the proper file format, we have requested that FSA provide an exception to the 15-day file processing requirement.

Next Steps

  • We have contacted each of the institutions impacted by the SSCR file format issue and reprocessed the replacement rosters. The Clearinghouse will continue to work with FSA and NSLDS on behalf of these institutions to obtain written documentation, for their records, exempting them from the original 15-day response time for their records. Our contacts at FSA have told us they are in the process of drafting these letters.
  • Our Audit Resource Center staff is available and prepared to assist you with any inquiries you have related to this matter. Please feel free to contact them at If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2).