We wanted to provide an update to our January 11th message about recent NSLDS error codes and the response the Clearinghouse received from our contacts at Federal Student Aid (FSA) and NSLDS regarding the origination and resolution of these errors.

Where the Errors are Originating

  • The Clearinghouse is reporting the “X” status (Never Attended) for students who appear on multiple NSLDS rosters, but are only reported by the school with valid enrollment at one location. Although “X” status records are being reported by the Clearinghouse per NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guidelines, NSLDS is not accepting them. This is resulting in NSLDS Error Codes 22s, often in conjunction with Error Code 75.
  • Our contacts at FSA and NSLDS have confirmed that the “X” status is not accepted via the batch submission process (the manner in which the Clearinghouse is able to transmit data to the NSLDS on behalf of our schools).
  • This issue is primarily impacting schools with multiple location codes.

What the Clearinghouse is Doing

The Clearinghouse has asked our contacts at FSA and NSLDS for guidance on how the Clearinghouse should respond to these errors on behalf of our participating schools. Because SSCR Error Corrections are time-sensitive, we are pressing our contacts for a response as soon as possible.

Action Steps You Can Take

  • If you see Error Codes 22 and 75, we strongly encourage you to reach out to NSLDS directly by opening a service ticket with them to request that they resolve these particular issues.
  • You can contact NSLDS at 1.800.999.8219. Please note, FSA has stated that the government shutdown should not impact their and NSLDS’s ability to service inquiries.
  • Please retain the NSLDS ticket number for future reference, especially in the instance that NSLDS does not provide an answer within the 10-day requirement to resolve the NSLDS SSCR Roster Error(s).


Since the Clearinghouse is currently unable to resolve these errors on behalf of our participating institutions, and while we await additional clarification, we strongly encourage you to work with the FSA and NSLDS on next steps, including cleaning up all other error codes. As soon as additional information becomes available, we will share it with you.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org.