Do you know the difference between advanced registration and early registration data?

Early registration offers the ability to provide enrollment data for a term, prior to the census date. Submitting early registration data allows you to get that information to lenders as quickly as possible and help your eligible students obtain or maintain their deferrable status.

Advanced registration captures students who have pre-registered for the upcoming term. It is used by institutions that participate in our Myhub service to enable their students obtain pre-enrollment verifications online.

You can learn more about how the two submissions differ and important things to keep in mind when submitting advanced registration and early registration files in our new resource, “Early Registration vs. Advanced Registration: How to Get the Most Out of Both.”

Our tutorial, “Difference Between Early and Advanced Registration,” will also walk you through how the two file submissions differ.

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Our new resource explains how early registration and advanced registration data differ and other important things you should know.