Stay on Top of Program-Level Reporting, and Stay In Compliance

Program-level reporting is often the most challenging reporting requirement for schools because it requires the most detailed tracking. Keeping track of which programs or credentials individual students are pursuing – and keeping that information updated as students change their plans midstream – can be complicated.

According to the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, the following types of information need to be included in program-level reporting:

  • Student Social Security number (SSN)
  • Office of Postsecondary Education Identification (OPE ID) number
  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code
  • Credential Level
  • Published Program Length
  • Published Program Length Measurement
  • Weeks in Title IV Academic Year
  • Program Begin Date
  • Special Program Indicator
  • Program Enrollment Status
  • Program Enrollment Effective Date

Two Reasons Program-Level Reporting Is Important

  • Student loan eligibility: Under the 150 percent rule, students must complete a program within 150 percent of its intended length. If it’s a four-year program, for example, the student must complete it within six years. The student is not eligible for subsidized loans after the 150-percent mark. If students take longer, they are only eligible for unsubsidized loans.
  • Compliance: Correct program-level reporting is critical for schools to stay in compliance. Make sure that both the program length and program length measurement are accurate. Reporting accurately can have a positive impact on the NSLDS statistics, keeping schools above the 90 percent threshold.

Program-level reporting can be a challenge, but the Clearinghouse is here to help. Through our Compliance Central staff, we can support schools as they work to comply with program-level reporting requirements.

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